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Dynamic Views Source Form


After hitting submit, you should find your entry in the Dynamic Views search results below the tutorial.




After hitting submit, you should find your entry in the Dynamic Views search results below.


Dynamic Views



FirstName: asdas


FirstName: REX

LastName: MOLI

FirstName: First

LastName: Last

FirstName: Craig

LastName: Codling

FirstName: trzt

LastName: fasf



FirstName: Kunchit

LastName: Ningsanond

FirstName: saf

LastName: sfasf



Dynamic Form Demonstration 30 - Integration w/ Dynamic Views


The purpose of the Dynamic Views module is to allow you to setup different dynamic displays of the data (user information) gathered by the Dynamic Forms module (or multiple module instances) as well as other sources (from a specific database table by specifying the table name or by using a custom SQL query).

Setting up the source

This dynamic view shows the data from an instance of the Dynamic Forms module (displayed right below). The source for the dynamic view is setup within the “Module Configuration” page (click the module configuration icon ).

The Dynamic Forms Instance is chosen as a source while the particular module instance is selected from a pull-down which displays all available instances on your system. The number of records per page, repeat direction, the sorting order, etc. is set under the General Settings part of the configuration page.

Setting up content via templates

Exactly which data is shown is determined by the templates (module templates icon ). The user information displayed in the main page of the Dynamic Views module is set within the Item/List Template.

The available items are listed on the left of the text area. These are used for defining the template contents and the exact items used for this dynamic view are:

  • [first name]
  • [last name]
  • [email address]
  • [comments]
  • [company name]
  • [request email response]

The items above are self-explanatory, but the two below are used as options (not just extracting the information from the database).

  • [ViewDetailLink]this item is used to display a link towards the page with more detailed information about the user; the template for setting up these details is View Detail Template right below the Item / List Template
  • [DynamicFormsEditLink]use this item to display an edit link, which the users can use to edit the desired entry

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