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Is there a way to set tabindex in Dynamic Login?

We have a login design with the username field, a "Forgot Username" link underneath, and a password field with a "Forgot Password" link underneath. Visually it makes sense, but when a user tabs through, it goes from the username input field to the "Forgot Username" link. Users expect it to go to the password input field. This would be easy enough to fix with the tabindex attribute, but I don't see any way to use that since the fields are templated. Is there something I'm missing? We have version  5.0.41.

asked 9/25/2014
Ortiz 4
  • HI Ortiz, check out this link:

    I believe you can add the "tabindex = 1", etc. in the fields and it should do the trick. Let us know if this works out for you.

    david to - ToNew 9/26/2014

  • Yes, but my question is, HOW? That link doesn't mention Dynamic Login, unless I'm missing something... The fields are templated, like this:
    [DNN_TEXT_PASSWORD] - Ortiz 9/29/2014

  • I reckon it would be something like this:


    - ToNew 10/1/2014

  • but since the web browser is rendering the HTML, you have to right-click on your web browser, view source and look at the source where I placed the tabindex. See if it will work for you.

    david to - ToNew 10/1/2014

  • Nope, tabindex isn't working on the td's, and it doesn't work if I try div's either.

    However, I did find a sort of workaround. Our "Forgot Username" is a link and not a templated field. So if I add a tabindex to that, it gets placed last in the order (after everything else on the page). Not ideal, but better than it was before. - Ortiz 10/1/2014

2 Answers

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answered 12/18/2018 Nash 2

David's idea is on the right track.

I believe you would review the tokens that Dynamic Login is using for username, password, login button, etc.... The Dynamic Login template is 100% modifiable. So you can easily review the HTML generated by each token in the Dynamic Login template by reviewing or inspecting the source of that control.

You can copy/paste the HTML into the Dynamic Login template and remove the token associated to this rendered code. Now that you have the code that is module specific when rendered, you can apply updates to it(such as applying a tabindex to each control as you see fit).

This will offer you the flexibility to modify/manage your Dynamic Login template completely.

Please email me directly if my response brings about additional questions. I can be reached at rbakerink(at)datasprings(dot)com

answered 10/6/2014 Rbakerink 161
  • Thanks for your answer. We've been considering it, but it's not a great solution for us. It is not that the HTML is very complicated, but it looks like the naming of the controls is based on a module ID, which is different on every site. We create a lot of sites. Ideally whatever final template we come up with, we need to copy/paste it to any new instances of the control and have it work. Anything that requires customization on a per site basis is going to be a pitfall. We're now investigating CSS solutions... ie. have the tokens in the desired tab order in the template, but change the visual order to our liking based on the skin, no tabindex needed. - Ortiz 10/28/2014

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