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Your new password was not accepted for security reasons

We recently upgraded to DNN Version: 07.04.01 and Dynamic Login 5.0.41

When users try and use the password reminder from the Dynamic Login, the password resent doesn't work.  We get the following error.

Your new password was not accepted for security reasons. Please make sure to choose a password which does not match a previously used password and which is long and complex enough to meet the sites password complexity requirements.

After some investigation I notice that the password resent link must be the problem.  If we send the user a password resent link from the admin user page it works but when the users use the password reminder it always fails.  

This appears to be a bug.

Please let us know how to fix this.



asked 10/9/2015
Hughes 3
  • HI Hughes, I just tried it and it works fine on my local environment. I believe I've also responded to you through email as well.

    David To - Chad Nash 10/9/2015

1 Answer

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answered 12/5/2018 Morrow 2

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