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Dynamic User Directory returning Region and Country Text Values as Opposed to EntryID

Dynamic User Directory simple altering of SQL proc to work with DNN 7.4 and higher that stores Region and Country profiles as EntryID numbers

The attached code is a simple way to also include Region and Country Text and Values so you can use them in DUD item list and detail template:

LI.Text as CountryText,LI2.Text as RegionText,LI.Value as CountryValue,LI2.Value as RegionValue

1) make a backup of the stored proc [DataSprings_RetrieveDNNUserProfileData3]

using sql management studio and create it with a backup name

2) copy the following attached SQL data provider file and run it under Host / SQL of your site

3) then go to host/schedule and run the DUD scheduler

4) edit your DUD template and use RegionText / CountryText / RegionValue / CountryValue


Friday, June 10, 2016/Author: David To/Number of views (1530)/Comments (-)/ Article rating: No rating

A Solution to Performance Issues with Dynamic Forms

Makes a world of difference!

There have been some reports that Dynamic Forms can be very slow in edit mode and becomes cumbersome, especially when creating a large form with a variety of field types.  Thanks to Peter Nuiten and Ernst Peter Tamminga of www.xcess.nl, we are happy to share a solution with you! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014/Author: Candace/Number of views (28047)/Comments (-)/ Article rating: No rating
Categories: In The Flow

DNN Security Leak Bypassing Dynamic Registration

We found a workaround for this!

We've come across a situation that we want to share with you.  Several customers using Dynamic Registration were finding that people were able to bypass this and somehow get to the standard DNN registration without the extended fields.  Apparently, this was done by simply adding "?ctl=register" to the URL.  Here's a workaround that was helpful to one of our clients (thanks, Bob!). 

Thursday, May 22, 2014/Author: Candace/Number of views (31209)/Comments (-)/ Article rating: 3.0
Categories: In The Flow

JavaScript Getting Started Guide

JavaScript Getting Started Guide w/ JavaScript examples, error handling, and popular functions...

JavaScript is a straight-forward scripting language used for client-based Web development.  Despite the name, JavaScript is not related to Java other than in its general approach of using a C-like syntax in the language structure. Originally developed at Netscape under the name Mocha, it was later renamed to LiveScript and then JavaScript. Microsoft’s version of the language was sold as JScript to avoid copyright issues.
Thursday, October 10, 2013/Author: Chad Nash/Number of views (6455)/Comments (-)/ Article rating: 5.0

Installing SQL Server 2008

The new release of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 has been announced in August 2008. This version of SQL Server provides powerful new capabilities that were developed with the customer in mind. SQL Server is considered the leading database platform in both scalability and performance.
Thursday, October 10, 2013/Author: Chad Nash/Number of views (3930)/Comments (-)/ Article rating: No rating
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