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Telerik Async File Upload formatting error

I am testing the new version of dynamic forms and trying to use the option to upload multiple files. I set it for 3 files but I only have one select box. Once I select my file I have the file name and the option to remove it but not to upload a second or third file. You can see the screenshots here http://imgur.com/a/iTVmJ

asked 5/25/2016
Whitehouse 4
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7 Answers

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answered 2 months ago Smith 2
I'm also trying to use this type of file upload method but still have faced errors. Try food word search to help your errors.
answered 3 months ago Parham 9

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answered 4 months ago Jones 2

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answered 4 months ago Falbo 2
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answered 11/23/2018 Ashby 2

I worked this out. Essentially the supplied default stylesheet is rubbish when it comes to the Telerik file upload control - as issued it will hide the select button for any file after the first. The answer is to switch to a custom stylesheet and edit line 5 to set the height to 45px * the maximum number of files you want them to be able to upload. e.g. for three files:

.ruInputs , .ruFileWrap{ height:135px; overflow:hidden;}

There are other nasties in there (for example the green success icon overlaps the start of the file name), but this change at least makes the control usable.

Would be preferable that DataSprings supplied a stylesheet that actually worked out of the box mind you....

HTH, Graham


answered 8/1/2016 Graham Lewis 43
Graham Lewis
Was this ever answered I am seeing exactly the same symptom?
answered 7/31/2016 Graham Lewis 43
Graham Lewis

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