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Interactive User Import

Interactive User Import

Need to export or import users into DNN?

Interactive User Import has all the advanced features you need plus importing users is still simple! You can have your users imported from CSV, Excel, or from a SQL query and setup within a matter of minutes using the streamlined import wizard. When you are ready to use more advanced features, the features are there at your fingertips! This module is the absolute best importing and exporting module within DNN and we guarantee it. 

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Interactive User Import provides you with the functionality to easily and quickly import users into DotNetNuke and Dynamic Registration through a streamlined and well-documented wizard that includes many advanced and dynamic features including:

  • User imports based on SQL Query
  • Update user credential fields along with user profile fields
  • Fire off SQL before and after imports take place
  • Import files from CSV, TAB, XLS, and XLSX
  • Interactive Email Events with Rich Text Editor
  • One of the heroes in Collection 7.0

And more! See the Full Specs tab for more info.


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Sorry, no products that match your criteria were found.

Interactive User Import provides you with the functionality to easily and quickly import users into DotNetNuke through a streamlined and well-documented wizard that includes many advanced features. After installing your new user importing module system, it's easy to import large files with a virtually endless number of users. Just a few of the many features enable you to optionally distribute emails after the import process, execute interactive events during the process to fire off emails, execute sql statements, add the user to a particular role, and much more.

Interactive User Import also works as a stand-alone DotNetnuke User Import - with or without other custom registration modules. Check out all of the features below.



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What's New in Version 3.0?



  • By Popular Request! Execute user imports based on a SQL Query – Previous versions allowed you to import files from CSV, TAB, XLS, and XLSX. Now new enhancements allow you to use a SQL statement for the user import. The SQL query can utilize the standard DNN connection or an alternate connection string. As with other import definitions, you can always save the import definition and use it over and over again!
  • Optionally update user credential fields whereas previous versions only allowed update of user profile fields.
  • Fire off SQL statements before and after imports take place. This allows for further work flow such as disabling everyone from a role, setting an import flag on the user, etc.
  • New UI specifically enhanced for DNN 6.x users.
  • Other great features such as extended reports for the import email report, access to sample import files, etc.


What's New in Version 2.1?


  • Added Compatibility with 64 bit operating systems.
  • Allow both XLS and XLSX (Excel 2007) for import files.
  • Updates of user information can be based on an alternate profile field (instead of being based on the username field).
  • Automatically kick off the import scheduler after setting up the import definition.
  • View the import logs directly within the module interface instead of going to host/schedule history. You can also clear the log history.
  • Re-enable previous import definitions from within the ‘Manage Import Definitions’ control.
  • Set all users to unauthorized before a user import takes place.
  • Send a status report of each import to a specified Admin email address.


What's New in Version 2.0?

  • Interactive Email Events can now be full HTML within the Rich Text Editor.
  • New feature to force the user to update their password upon initial login.
  • New features to default user language and user timezone if these are not originally imported from within the file.
  • Export features now include the ability to export users security roles. The export routine can generate the expire date for each role selected for export.
  • Ability to override portal settings for user registration (Public, Private, Verified, None) and automatically authorize the user.


What's New in Version 1.5?

  • Ability to import a static file.
  • Make imports recurring (i.e. every night at a specific time an import can run with a new static file on the server).
  • Set a global filter for import records. You could always specify interactive events to only fire based on a specific filter. Now you can also set a filter for each imported user to either import or skip the user.
  • Only import a certain number of records per scheduled instance. This feature is a
    performance enhancement that will allow you to only import ‘x’ number of records per instance of the scheduler (i.e. import 1000 users every hour). This performance enhancement will help users importing extremely large import files and not wanting to affect site performance.
  • Enhanced Logging - Now enable either standard or detailed logging to track each import definition, imported user, interactive event (i.e. email, adding user to role, SQL query, etc.).


  • Import users into DotNetNuke and Dynamic Registration:
    • Import Users from Comma Seperated File or Semi Colon File (or any delimiter).
    • Import Users from Excel File.
  • Export users from DotNetNuke into a CSV file. You can chose the delimiter and what fields to export.
  • Both import and export supports all DNN Core and all DNN extended profile properties.
  • Integrate easily with the Dynamic Registration module.
  • Specify which import columns represent your DotNetNuke User fields.
  • Complete an importing routine utilizing the scheduler to allow for large import files and detailed logging.
  • Save Import definitions and then later manage and delete import definitions.
  • Distribute email to user after import.
  • Generate username based on first initial last name, first name last name, email address, and other scenarios.
  • Optionally generate password for user.
  • Create Interactive Events to fire off during the import routine:
    • Event to fire off an email during import routine.
    • Event to execute a SQL statement during import routine.
    • Event to add user to a role during import routine.
    • Interactive email and SQL events can include imported tokens to plug into the email (email event example: Dear $(FirstName), your account has been setup...).
    • Events can be fired off for every imported user or based on a particular imported field value.
  • Override users if they already exist with updated information.
  • Add the user to single portal or all portals within the DotNetNuke installation.
  • Preview data import and all options before activating the import scheduler.
  • Fully localized and ready for any language - all system messages, literals, and labels are all setup within the local resource files (defaults to English).
  • Ability to 'Delete All Portal Users' - This features allows you to easily create 'trial run' of imported users and then delete all users within the portal except for portal Admin.



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Are you having problems importing users or do you want to test out some sample import files?

Download Sample CSV, TAB, Excel 2003, Excel 2007 Import Files

Note: If the files above are not working on your system then its possible your system needs to have full trust enabled. Currently Interactive User Import uses a 3rd party Excel Component which requires full trust. You can check your web.config to determine what trust level your site it set up for.




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