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DotNetNuke 3.3.5 / 4.3.5 Released...

Author: Chad Nash/Wednesday, September 25, 2013/Categories: Uncategorized

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DotNetNuke 3.3.5/4.3.5 has been released. This article is written as an overview and summary of features, but for full details of the release you should visit DotNetNuke's web site.


This new release is a lot more stable and comes with long list of bug fixes, enhancements, and patches. This is more or less of a stabilization patch with some new features thrown in and includes performance improvement and enhanced security features. DotNetNuke 3.3.5/4.3.5 was put through a 2 week long beta testing phase with the Platinum Benefactors and at present it is in active use on the official website for DotNetNuke. Given below is a brief list that will give you a summary of the various issues resolved with this new version. You must go through this summary and the detailed list so that your DotNetNuke core is running with the advantage of all the fixes and improvements.

Some of the new features in DotNetNuke 3.3.5 include the following:

  • Support has been added for rich text that is larger than 2,000 characters.

  • Due to request, you can now hide the "Created at/by" and "Updated at/by" fields in edit form as well.

  • Added an option to allow the users to specify, whether to open links in same or new browser window.

  • Added an option to support the creation of custom XSL files: "Show XML Source".

  • Field titles for columns are now of type nVarchar, allowing special characters in field names.

  • Fields of data type "Email" are now rendered as links in XSL output.


These are some of the major problems that have been rectified:

  • Display of currencies and decimal values has been corrected.

  • Currencies are now stored internally in a neutral culture.

  • Data sorting in descending order now works properly.

  • Changing the field data type no longer causes module corruption.

  • Admin Permission to "Show All User Defined Columns" is now working.


DotNetNuke4.3.5 is a very versatile open source web application framework that works on the ASP.NET framework principles and can be used to create, deploy, and manage multilingual interactive websites, intranets, and extranets. It is very user friendly and makes it easy to manage all your projects through the use of wizards, icons, and a well-designed user interface that guarantees ease of use and a very gentle learning curve.

The simplicity of DotNetNuke belies its underlying power. Using this framework you can run multiple portals and websites through a single core installation. The installation is intelligent enough to permit the individualized administration of all portals and websites running through it. This way there can be any number of administrators and websites/portals that can operate off a single DotNetNuke core with the hardware and bandwidth capacity of the server being the only limiting factor to performance. The DotNetNuke framework ships with several additional and complimentary modules that offer additional functionality like hosting, design, content, security, mailing lists, etc., all of which is administered by individual administrators.

Ongoing support and development of DotNetNuke is ensured by the core team of developers as well as contributing members to the open source community that spans the globe. There is no shortage of resources and support because of the abundant user groups, online forums, resource portals, and a network of other organizations that are experts in DotNetNuke.

Installation of DotNetNuke is quick and easy. You can download the package or get it on a CD and simply follow the friendly installation instructions. There are also many hosting companies that offer to install DotNetNuke for free, as a bundled service with their hosting plan.

DotNetNuke is an open source software. That means that it is available for free without any licensing restrictions of any sort. This makes it a great addition to the ASP.NET framework. Since there is only the standard BSD agreement and nothing more, users of DotNetNuke are not bound by any limitations or conditions on what they may or may not do with their copy of DotNetNuke. Being an open source product also means that the large community of open source developers makes healthy contributions to its development, support, and the creation of plugin modules for several purposes that are not served through the official release. However, though an open source product, DotNetNuke is still a world-class product that offers developers the latest tools in development, packaging, debugging, and so on. The latest release operates on ASP.NET 2.0, Visual Web Developer, Visual
Studio 2005, and SQL Server 2005 Express.

Finally, DotNetNuke offers multilingual support for static as well as dynamic content, thereby permitted web administrators all over the world to use its tools to implement interactive content-based websites after localizing the content.

At last count, there were more than 350,000 registered users of DotNetNuke in addition to the developer community.




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