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Dynamic Forms Demonstration - jQuery within Dynamic Forms...

Click on the telephone field to see format.

Type over the text to enter your own profession.

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Dynamic Form Demonstration 26 - Enhanced Field Options with JQuery!

Dynamic Forms 3.0 presents new JQuery field options for enhanced customer interaction!  These options include:

  • Mask Edit
  • Watermark
  • Check All option for Checkbox Group fields
  • Add user response for Combo Box (dropdown) fields




In the demonstration above, we used a mask edit for the telephone field.  This is a highly useful tool for ensuring correct entry formats, especially for fields involving numerical entries such as Social Security, telphone, credit cards, etc.






Aside from using '999' for numerical entries, you can also use 'aaa' for text and '***' for alphanumeric entries.  This will be especially helpful for fields involving membership or account numbers, promo codes, and others.





Notice the email field in the demonstration above.  That was achieved by enabling the default value as the watermark and making sure that a default value is entered under Advanced Field Options.








Here's a major improvement for the Combobox (dropdown) field type.  The Combobox typically offers options for the user to select from.  However, if the user's response is not among the options, the previous solution was to add 'Other' and then possibly present another field to define 'Other' means.  No more!  Now your user can just type over the combobox selection to enter their own response!









Nothing like enhancing customer experience by providing convenience!  Using a checkbox group field type, you can now let your users click on a 'Check All' option instead of having to check each individual option.  This new feature comes with the ability to set the 'check all' to appear at the top or at the bottom of the list.  It also allows you to define your own 'check all' verbiage.  As you can see in the image below, we opted for 'All of the above.'   You can also say 'Select All' or similar text.












Visit other Dynamic Forms Demonstrations to see how this module can enhance the look and functionality of your site!



tip6.gifWould you like to set up your form just like this demo? 

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