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Default Value and Email Completion Event

We're adding an "Invite Friends" feature to a membership application on our site using Dynamic Forms 4.

Users sign up on Form 1, and are redirected to Form 2.

Form 2 has four fields: 1 Multiline TextBox "Message to Friends" with a default value: "I signed up, and you should too ... blah blah blah." 3 Single Line Text Boxes for "Email Addresses of Friends."

  • Users must have the option of altering the "Message to Friends."
  • We want the email to friends sent as Plain Text.
  • The message we want as Default Value is over 300 characters long
  • The DefaultValue field in the DynamicForms_Question SQL table is nvarchar(255)

This configuration truncates our 300-character DefaultValue. I've tried other Question Types, none seem to fit our needs.

How can I configure the module to achieve what we want? Can I safely alter the SQL field length of DefaultValue to nvarchar(1000)?

asked 10/18/2013
Steve Aunan43
Steve Aunan

1 Answer

Hello Steve,

I believe the following are the only areas that you’ll need to modify:


DynamicForms_Question : update the DefaultValue column to nvarchar(max) if necessary.If you receive a Constraint error, just review the constraint details, copy it, delete it, make the change above, and re-add the constraint.


DynamicForms_AddDynamicQuestion       : update the @DefaultValue parameter to nvarchar(max) if necessary.

DynamicForms_UpdateDynamicQuestion : update the @DefaultValue parameter to nvarchar(max) if necessary.

 After making these changes, please go to Host -> Host Settings and restart the application.

Let me know if you have any questions.

answered 10/25/2013 Forum Bot 111
Forum Bot

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