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Form Work Flow


We would like to implement a solution using dataspring modules, to streamline a process which is currently manual. We have 3 forms(say Customer, Project, Resources form). We would like to be able to set authorization so that only authorized users can edit/update/submit either one or all the forms. Once a customer form is submitted, a notification is sent to certain level of management (called it B), and B level people can go to the Customer form and approve the submission. Then a new project can be created using the Project form, and record that this new project is corresponding to that customer. We also need to be able to search by customer ID, customer name, Project, etc. Is this achievable using the dataspring modules (dynamic forms, dynamic views, etc)? 

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asked 11/25/2013
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Hello Sushan,

This is most definitely possible when using Dynamic Forms and Dynamic Views. 

I would use Dynamic Forms for the Adding/Editing of records and Dynamic Views as the Display/Deletion of results.

Configuring this workflow can be difficult so you'll need to explore several advanced features within Dynamic Forms and Dynamic Views.

Data Springs offers a Premium Service whereas a block of time can be purchased and in return the time will be spent as you see fit. 

For instance, if you were to purchase a bundle of hours from us. You could use this time in any of the following ways:

1.) For training of how to configure such a work flow between Dynamic Forms and Dynamic Views.

2.) For developers at Data Springs to develop your project.

3.) Providing assistance with planning of this project.

There are several different options available, we try to accommodate an array of client budgets by offering the following service types: hourly, monthly and quarterly. You can learn more about these available services via the link below:


Let me know if you have any questions by emailing us at dnnsupport@datasprings.com

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