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Two Column Layout


I am using dynamic registration module.I want to configure the module in 2 column layout.

I am not finding it.

Can you please help me out how to configure it.

Thanks in advance,

asked 4/15/2014
Neha Agarwal3
Neha Agarwal

3 Answers

The best I can determine is that all the layout features are useless in Responsive mode and behave in unintended ways if you attempt to use them. It appears to boil down as follows...

Term "Responsive Ready" means that a set of classes are injected into the rendered forms, and it is up to YOU to provide a style sheet that defines the behavior of those classes.

Hopefully a future version will use your layout selections to make the necessary edit to the modules style sheet. At that point "Ready" can be removed from the marketing description.

answered 4/25/2014 Hall 21

I'm assuming you are referring to having a 2 column table layout in v.5?

If so, the form is set to responsive layout by default, this setting uses divs.
In order to change to table layout do the following: 

  • Go to General settings
  • Look for the header called "Layout (Panels / Tabs, Header / Footer / System Messages, Sort Order) "
  • Right beneath that header are 4 tabs.
    The first tab labelled "responsive" will be active, and right beneath it is the setting "Form Layout Method". 
  • Choose "Tables" instead of "Responsive", that's it.

Note: I had a hard time finding this as well, this was because the tabs did not fit on a single row in my case, and thus obscured the layout setting somewhat.


answered 4/17/2014 2

I asked basically the same question several days ago. I haven't seen any response either. I have been playing around with the CSS and all of the settings and can't figure it out. Do you know if this forum is actually monitored by anyone from the company or is this only between customers/prospects?

answered 4/16/2014 ahhendela 3

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