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Where can we get some solid guidance on how to make a responsive Dynamic Form?

Is there documentation for making a form responsive?

Is there a youtube video or a demonstration? 

I have been looking for a couple hours and am getting frustrated. I upgraded to ver. 5 to make responsive forms and cannot figure out how to do it.

Specifically I want to be able to make an attractive form that has more than 1 column for the computer users that shifts to one column for the phone users. I don't want all my forms to be limited to a single, narrow column all the time - which is what I get when I enable "Responsive" in the general settings. I realize there is more to it so where are some directions please?

asked 8/4/2014
Mark Buelsing159
Mark Buelsing
  • Agree with Mark... in order to use this product we have to have real world examples of how your markup is implemented. Yes we can deconstruct and wade through Chrome and mess with the style sheet but this whole struture while powerful seems VERY clunky when it comes to formatting.

    With the move to tablets and phones, responsive design is a REQUIREMENT...tables are gone. Our customer contracts REQUIRE no tables in the design...

    SO PLEASE HELP US OUT with some concrete information on an approach that gives us a nice tight form on the PC screen and reverts to 1 column for tablets, ect. Most systems use a template approach where the developer writes their own HTML and drops in tokens to place fields/labels/controls. While I understand DS system approaches things differently, we need ability to do our OWN form layout/design.

    Please help us our or I will have just wasted a lot of money.... - Roy Barrow 11/15/2014

5 Answers

Ryan, thanks. I had hoped for much more guidance than this.

answered 10/28/2014 Mark Buelsing 159
Mark Buelsing
Hello Mark,

There is no documentation on this feature in our Dynamic Forms User Guide.

The Response layout feature will basically remove the HTML table layout for Questions on the form and will replace with dynamic DIV tags. The DIVs will be responsive out of the box, however some customers do not appreciate the label over field.

If you'd prefer the label to the left of the field, the stylesheet would need to be upgraded to integrate this type of form layout w/ responsiveness enabled.

This responsive design(replacing Tables with DIVs) offers the ability to layout the form labels, fields, buttons anyway you can imagine. However it will require the knowledge of CSS to support the layout you need if the default responsive layout doesn't cut it.

You can download an example Dynamic Registration stylesheet that applies several responsive styles:

I'm going to remove this file at this directory by the end of this week. Please download before the end of the week.

Let me know if you have any questions.


answered 10/27/2014 Rbakerink 160
  • It would be nice if the link to the file was permanent so those of us who stumble upon this thread more than a week after if was posted, could have the benefit of this example.

    Steve - Steve K 11/24/2014

Ryan, is there any documentation on the responsive features of Dynamic Forms yet?

What does the module do when it is set to be responsive?

What is the new behavior? How can we manipulate field placement or size?

answered 10/27/2014 Mark Buelsing 159
Mark Buelsing

We look forward to any help you can offer. Thank you.

answered 8/10/2014 Mark Buelsing 159
Mark Buelsing
Hello Mark,

Unfortunately we do not have public examples of implementing a responsive design with our product.

A responsive layout is really a technique with CSS. We do not support programming languages without the utilization of Premium Services as this is outside our standard support.

When enabling the responsive layout feature in the module, this does make the form responsive. However you're right, the label is placed over the control and there's no possibility to have more than one field on a row.

I'll ask around and will see if I can get my hands on a example. I believe we have shared DataSprings.com registration which is responsive. But I'll have to get the ok to share first.

answered 8/8/2014 Rbakerink 160

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