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Optionally make a textbox read only with DF?

I have a detailed form that records a person's name and a bunch of details about them. This form is used to both add new people and edit existing ones. I want to prevent people from opening a person's record and change their name to someone else's name.So the name field needs to be available in add mode but read only when in update mode. How would I accomplish that?

asked 3/30/2015
Mark Buelsing159
Mark Buelsing
  • HI Mark, how are you updating? Do you have a querystring that signals that the page is in edit mode? if so, you could hide the name fields and show an equivalent read-only name field with question event that triggers on update.

    david to - Chad Nash 3/31/2015

  • I could add a parameter to the querystring for this purpose. Yeah. How do you trigger a question event on form update? or in this case, form open I think. - Mark Buelsing 3/31/2015

  • HI Mark, make the querystring on update something like:


    And create a hidden field called "Mode" that retrieves from querystring. Move it's sort order to the very top.

    Then create a question event based on the Mode = Update and if it is, hide the editable name field and display the read only name field.

    I hope this points you in the right direction.

    david to - Chad Nash 4/2/2015

  • I did not know that I could run a question event on open! I will be trying this technique this afternoon. Thanks! - Mark Buelsing 4/2/2015

  • You can but it has to be a hidden field.

    david to - Chad Nash 4/2/2015

1 Answer

This technique is a winner! Thanks David To!

answered 4/2/2015 Mark Buelsing 159
Mark Buelsing

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