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Dynamic Forms adds DateTime in Export to CSV


I updated my Dynamic Forms Installation to Version 6 (from 4) because I had to update the DNN Version from 6.2.9 To 7.4.0 and it didnt work wit the Version I had.

Everything worked fine but one thing is very annoing, hope somebody can help me out of this problem.

Since I updated to Version 6 - when I export results to Excel (CSV-Text) - in the first column (column A of the Excel Sheet) there is a new field which is named "DateTime" in the title row. This column was not in the export before I upgraded the module.

This breaks the import of this file into another system which is feeded by the data collected in the forms from dynamic forms.

Sure - I could delete this row each time manually after exporting, but this is a daily task and so this is a manual step which may produce other (human) errors that I want to avoid.

Can anybody help how I get rid of this "new field" ?

thanks in advance - any help is highly appreciated


asked 10/2/2015
  • HI Donuop, I investigated this, used express profiler to perform a trace of the SQL code behind and wasn't able to get the DateTime column removed.

    I will have to ask Chad about this since I think the export results routine would have to be updated as well.

    David To - Chad Nash 10/5/2015

  • Thanks for your reply, one more thing the Export breaks is that the encoding seems to have changed from ANSI to utf8... So german umlauts are not showing up correctly in the exported file (Excel,csv format)...they appear as weird character sequences since the upgrade
    Gerald, myboss Gas - donuop 10/5/2015

  • Gerald has already added a Ticket via dnn store with purchase id etc
    Don - donuop 10/5/2015

2 Answers

Hello Storey, you saved me a big headache. Thank you so much man. exactly what i needed.

Avis Vibro shaper.

answered 1 week ago Taris 2
I would recommend downloading Dynamic Forms 4.1.4 as this version will be the best compatible version of Dynamic Forms for the version of DotNetNuke you have installed. fun run 3 play for free
answered 2 months ago Storey 2
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