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Data Springs Modules Community Questions & Answers

Dates in Dynamic Forms 6.0.10

We are in the process of upgrading our DNN sites from 7.3 to 8.4, and have recently upgraded to Dynamic Forms 6.0.10 to smooth the transition for the forms we have already set up.  In testing the new module on DNN 8, though, I notice that nothing is showing for the date fields in our existing forms - is there an easy way to change all of our existing forms to show the dates again?



asked 7/28/2016
Chesley 2
  • HI, DNN 8 + deprecrated the out of the box DNN date field so that's why Dynamic Forms no longer works with them. You have to use a work-around by using a textbox field and implementing jquery date picker. I believe if you google our site, we have examples of how to do this on one of our form demos.

    David To - David To 8/5/2016

  • Good morning, David!

    Indeed they did, but they also provided DotNetNuke.Web.Deprecated with those controls in it so that you could continue to use them while you worked out another date solution.

    My question was more if there was a way I could do the dates in bulk, instead of having to track down every form with a date, and manually update them. What would you recommend in that case?
    - Chesley 8/9/2016

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4 Answers

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answered 9/4/2019 Editing 2


JavaScript is the answer even if I don’t understand which part of the form you want to make dynamic.

You could change out the input element or modify it (Make a state field change to a province field).

You could request a list from a server and populate text based off of what they already type like an autocomplete type feature.

I’m sure there are more options, but if you want to change it up front, altering it with JavaScript is usually the starting point.


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