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Data Springs Modules Community Questions & Answers

Mulltiple Questions

In Dynamic forms is there a way to quickly generate multiple question (text) in a similar way to adding multiple page in Admin

I have a Q&A for staff at a radio station I have 10 - 15 preset question, favourite band, most like to interview etc

Do I need to do it 1 by one of can a Load a list ideally shortname, question

Plan B is to create 1 question, clone it then update through the SQL Server Management




asked 5/18/2017
Dave Hassall45
Dave Hassall
  • HI Dave,
    If these are all textbox fields, you could create one textbox field an use the drag / drop feature to keep dragging new textbox fields onto the form, or use the question wizard to copy the questions over and over again until you have 15 copies and then edit them afterwards one by one.

    Hope this information helps.

    David To
    Data Springs Technical Support - David To 6/19/2017

4 Answers

I don't think there is, maybe the good thing is just proceed to your plan B.

my talking tom game

answered 10/4/2019 Jacob 5
I like having such communities like this one, because when I need someone to do my synopsis or help with advice, I may always find people to assist me. It's great to be a member of such group. 
answered 8/23/2019 Adams 2
On this community you can meet thousands of people and communicate with them easily. Just to have the answers about your questions superior papers are providing the talented people for this purposes.
answered 2/11/2019 Vargas 2
Found It :-)

Question Wizard - Option 2

SQL Creation Wizard - Create fields based on a SQL query

Genius :-)
answered 5/21/2017 Dave Hassall 45
Dave Hassall

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