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User can't search Dynamic User Directory on DNN 9.2.1

DNN 9.2.1 runs over a base DNN 9.1.1
DataSprings_DynamicUserDirectory_06_00_10_DNN61PLUS_PATCHDNN92_Trial.zip is installed.
I am using DataSprings_DynamicUserDirectory_UserGuide.pdf as documentation.

1. Control Panel > Directory Template > Item/List Template
   Doc says copy item from left list, paste into Rich TextBox on right.
   It fails to work.  The copy appears to fail.  Typing in appears to work.  
   Is there a workaround?
2. Generate Default Template creates all fields on right, but then I can't delete the ones I don't want.
    I also can't delete the ones I don't want on the left.
Is there a workaround?

3.  I want to use this to edit individual users as needed.  The doc seems oriented towards just
    displaying user data.  Is there a workaround?

4.  I want to search by Role, by have yet to see anything in the doc.  Have I missed anything?

5. The only search criteria that displays is A B C ... Z ALL.  I never see a text box to search on username, 
the search criteria I attempted to setup.  What might I be missing?

6.  A large Excel icon appears along with Export users to Excel, even though I turned Excel off.  
How do I really turn it off?

7.  I see "userroles".  The display is in XML.  Can I
a.  display a comma separated list
b.  filter the list to ONLY display the 3 role's specific to this application?
    (leave out "registered users" et al)

8. User Guide is copyright 2012.  Are there plans to update this?

Purchase is in the VP of Finance's hands.  I'll have rather a black eye if I don't start seeing how to do these.
asked 9/5/2018
Stuber 2
  • Hello,

    Can you please email me directly at rbakerink@datasprings.com?

    I'd like to schedule a GoToMeeting with you to help answer each of your questions. Sometimes it's easier to do over a meeting than it is to answer each item.

    - Rbakerink 9/5/2018

1 Answer

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answered 5/20/2019 Watkins 2

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