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Dynamic Views

Dynamic Views

an easy responsive reporting module with every feature you need! 

Power and simplicity -- all in a single module! Dynamic Views is a listing and reporting module that offers search capability and customized display from Dynamic Forms or any data source like a table, view or custom query.

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Dynamic Views is a listing and reporting module that offers search capability and customized display from Dynamic Forms or any data source like a table, view or custom query.


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Dynamic Views is an excellent tool to:



  • Create custom reports utilizing almost any data source.
  • Integrate with Data Springs Dynamic Forms module to display results from forms (including user specific results).
  • Improve communication flow.
  • Integrate with other modules to provide powerful search and workflow between modules.



 What's New in Version 4.0?



  • Responsive layout templates (no more tables!)
  • Allow the user the ability to sort by specified columns


What's New in Version 3.0?

  • Conveniently get scheduled reports in your inbox! Simply set your specific criteria and have the reports automatically sent as a daily, weekly, or monthly email. Even send to multiple recipients with the cc or bcc options. Receiving parties need not log in to manually run the reports through Dynamic Views.
  • Expand your workflow options with the new JSON data source type. This is in addition to SQL Tables, Dynamic Forms instances, and SQL Queries. Now you can easily integrate with 3rd party components that allow for JSON feeds.
  • Performance boost at your fingertips - Adjust data caching intervals that work for you.
  • Cleaner looks for custom integration - Choose to hide all search functions, especially if search properties are passed from Dynamic forms or other modules.
  • Don't need some module features? Choose to hide features that are not in use such as export to Excel  & PDF and even the entire Admin control panel so they're out of your way.

What's New in Version 2.2?

  • Choose a data grid option instead of just the HTML Template options. This feature allows you to also select which columns you would like to display in the grid, define a unique CSS Class for each row and alternating row, etc. Get started much more quickly without having to create custom templates.
  • Use multi-line textboxes rather than Rich Text Editors for working with templates. This can be useful if you are creating unique templates with JavaScript and other CSS/HTML and the Rich Text Editor is difficult to work with.
  • Detail View Enhancements - Display each views detail record within a pop up via jQuery/AJAX modal pop up.
  • Search Enhancements - Optionally hide all search fields. This feature allows you to pass in the search items from other pages or utilize Dynamic Forms or other modules to create more robust search options.
  • DNN6 Enhancements  - New features take advantage of DNN6 jQuery and CSS Classes.

What's New in Version 2.1?

  • Now include custom style sheet per Dynamic Views instance allowing you to easily modify styles and the layout within your views item and detail template.
  • Now include custom JavaScript file per Dynamic Views instance – use this new feature to build more dynamic content when you are retrieving data. Utilize this feature via jQuery/JavaScript to:
    • Apply JavaScript alerts, functions, and plug ins within your template
    • Hide/Show specific areas of your template per individual record/row along with other built-in logic
    • Format items and tokens in your template
    • Any other jQuery or JavaScript routine
  • Now include initial JavaScript that can be executed upon load time.

What's New in Version 2.0?

  • Exporting made easy!
    • New option to export results to PDF format.
    • Templates for PDF exports are fully customizable.
    • Authorize roles to perform exports to either PDF or Excel.
    • Select specific columns to be exported to Excel.
  • New features for templates
    • Now choose to generate a default template with one click.
    • Still have the option to customize template layout using selected tokens.
  • Improved data manipulation
    • New Action section in Module Configuration allows you to create commands and functionality by building unique SQL actions against your records to manipulate the data. Your action token can be an image button or a link button. Want to add a "Delete This Record" button to your template? How about mark this record as "Paid" or add a role? This is where you set it up.
  • Paging options improved - Choose Hyperlinks or Linkbuttons to navigate through the Previous/Next paging.  Using Hyperlink improves SEO.
  • Expanded query options - When choosing Custom SQL Query as the Data Source, you now have the option to use free form queries. That means your query can be in Oracle or MySQL, not necessarily in SQL Server.

Module Features:

  • View can be based on a table, a Dynamic Forms Instance, or a custom SQL query.
  • View / query or table can use an external database connection.
  • WYSIWYG Editor for all columns for both an item and a detail view (similar to our Dynamic User Directory).
  • Add both a filter against query and search.
  • Dynamic Forms Integration: Allow user to view only form submissions with own specific userid.
  • Dynamic Forms Integration: Allow for an 'Edit' token within the listing and detail template. This token will place the record in edit mode within Dynamic Forms. Now your entire workflow can be handled seamlessly.
  • Optionally enable export to Excel and choose which security roles are allowed to export the results., choose the maximum number of results to display, and show 'No records displayed until search'.
  • Modify search options such as button type (link/image), button location, and other search specific features.
  • Allow users to control the page size. The Admin can specify the page size location dropdownlist and also the page size available options.
  • Configure Detail View SEO parameters to include query/detail content within the page title, page keywords, and page description for each detailed record
  • Setup reports and views with optional configuration options such as records per page and columns.
  • Unlimited Search Fields with many options for search validation, search textbox or combo, and many search criteria such as begins with, ends with, contains, and so on.





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