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Dynamic Forms with Various Layout Options

Please provide a number you can be reached at before and during the conference.

Please enter the number of participants in each age group:

Please provide the first names of Adult Participants.

Please complete the information below for each Child Participant.

Here is helpful information about my child that a children's worker should know (optional).


The conference begins on Monday morning at 08:30 and ends on Friday after lunch.  Most families arrive on Sunday afternoon.



Dynamic Forms Demonstration 14- Building full workflow applications w/ Dynamic Forms 2.7

The main purpose of this demonstration is to showcase the variety of layout options available with Dynamic Forms.  This expanded form showcases the use of column spans, label width, field width, and many others. 


Let's begin by looking at layout settings found in Module Configuration.


Under General Settings, you'll find a number of settings that will affect how your form will look:







The Header / Footer / System Messages will allow you to add specific messages either at the top or bottom of the form, or to display a message after the user hits submit.  Keep in mind, though, any message in Display After Save message will not automatically be shown to your users UNTIL you check the 'Display Message After Save' setting in General Settings.



Dynamic Forms has a very user-friendly drag and drop interface to help you determine the order of your questions and fields.  However, in Module Configuration, you have another quick way to re-arrange your questions in the Dynamic Questions Sort Order.


Further down in Module Configuration, you'll find the section called Submit Link/Button


In this section, if you choose to use a link, you can specify what the link will say.  Words like 'Submit,' or 'Save' are commonly used.  You can also use a phrase like 'Continue to Checkout.'   This works best if you are using the PayPal gateway. 


You may also choose to use an image for your submit button and upload the file here.


By the same token, you can decide to use a CLEAR link or button in the next section.


The Style Sheet section also opens up endless possibilities.  Any alterations to the style sheet here will only affect this particular instance of the module.  If you have multiple instances throughout your site, you will need to apply the altered style sheet to each one.



 Now let's move on to individual field settings in Manage Questions.


When you manage individual questions, you'll find a variety of settings that are available to you.  However, for this demonstration, we will focus on the section called Question Look and Feel, as well as the Question Header and Footer.


Look at the form above again and find the field that says 'Children Age 3-4.'  Notice that it's in a separate column as the first question.  Also notice that the field size is much smaller than normal.  Let's take a look at the Look and Feel settings for this question:


Now look for the field called "Additional Information" towards the bottom of the form.  Compare the Look and Feel section here:



 The note between the Field Label and the multi-line textbox field was added in the Header and Footer section.



Now let's look at the field that says, "How will you be arriving for the conference?" (under the Additional Information).  You'll find the settings illustrated here right below the Field Type Options.  Notice that this a radio button field type and the options are displayed horizontally.




However, additional settings were needed this field appear this way.  Let's take a moment to look at the Question Look and Feel for this particular field.




 The same will hold true for the Checkbox Group field type.






tip6.gifWould you like to set up your form just like this demo? 

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