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Dynamic User Directory

Dynamic User Directory

In this day and age, users want a quick and simple way to find other users within a community - Yes?

Dynamic User Directory allows you to define search criteria, customize result templates, add filters, and more. It's the perfect compliment to Dynamic Registration, too. Use your custom profile fields like images and other details to enhance your results!

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In this day and age, users want a quick and simple way to find other users within a community. Dynamic User Directory allows you to define search criteria, customize result templates, add filters, and more. It's the perfect compliment to Dynamic Registration, too. Use your custom profile fields like images and other details to enhance your results! Some of the favorite features include: 

  • Caching features for all database queries
  • Easy User Data Feed scheduled tasks right from the control panel and module interface
  • Ability to search User Roles, instead of just security roles
  • Better integration with Dynamic Forms
  • Improved Template Options using the Gridview Options instead of the HTML template
  • Integrate and Embed Google Maps in the header or footer
  • All new DNN6 stylesheets
  • One of the heroes in Collection 7.0

And more! See the Full Specs tab for more info.


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      Monica M    on: 11/15/2012

This module is just awesome, easy to configure (especially since I’m not a programmer), and very customizable. REALLY APPRECIATED all the great and timely support and help during my trial period and after installtion !! Would highly recommend this module!!

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      Marc P    on: 10/30/2012

Best support, quick solutions and implementations. This is the only review we have ever posted on any company. We had to post it because these guys are that good.

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      Jon R    on: 10/18/2012

The module is one of a half dozen that I use from Data Springs and it does exactly what it is intended to do. The Data Springs team is very helpful and I have nothing but compliments for the product and the company. You always know you'll get a quality tool when it's made by Data Springs.

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      Paul C    on: 02/08/2012

Excellent, and I mean excellent module! It totally opened up more possibilities than are ever possible without it. Plus their support is very quick and helpful. I will buy from them again and again!

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      John F    on: 02/09/2011

The module can do a lot. It lost a star because it wasn't as intuitive to setup/manage as I would have liked. However, Technical support is quick and helpful. Thanks.

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      Christopher F    on: 11/17/2010

This product is great and really fills a big whole in DNN, which is the easy displaying/summarizing/searching & exporting to Excel of users. My company has saved a lot of time with this module, and it was definitely worth the money. In addition to the product working so well, the customer support is amazing. The dedicated help I received in getting the module tweaked to my specifications is unheard of now a days and I would STRONGLY recommend this company to anyone interested in DNN modules.

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      Justin E    on: 03/12/2010

Can't say enough about the excellent support I received. Super product as well!

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      Mark L    on: 09/04/2008

I had a very complex user registration process (100+ fields using Dynamic Registration 3.2) on one of my sites, that I needed to be able to search and sort through customer data easier. This module works perfect for the job. The module is very easy to use and comes with great documentation. The support department is very responsive to questions, and inquires.

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      Bram V    on: 06/12/2008

I´ve been using this module a few years now, and it´s getting better every time! The module has many configuration options and works as expected. Very easy to create nice looking user custom reports- with search -including all profile details, pictures and foto's. Great product! Also I´m very pleased about a very fast and excellent customer service!

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In this day and age, users want a quick and simple way to find other users within a community. Dynamic User Directory allows you to define search criteria, customize result templates, add filters, and more. It's the perfect compliment to Dynamic Registration, too. Use your custom profile fields like images and other details to enhance your results!


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Dynamic User Directory is also an excellent reporting tool -- a must for anyone seeking to take full advantage of sorting user input and export to MS Excel® in order to: 

  • Create custom user directories and reports using user profile properties
  • Evaluate business statistics
  • Improve communication flow
  • Get better acquainted with your users

What's new in 5.0?

  • Item and detail templates now support RESPONSIVE web design
  • New UI for DNN 7
  • Adjusted to fully support changes in DNN 7.x


What's New in Version 4.1?

  • Improved performance - Major new caching features for all database queries.
  • More efficiency - Manage the User Data Feed scheduled task easily from within the control panel and module interface. Much quicker for reviewing any potential problems and kicking off the scheduled tasks from the control panel
  • New Search Functions
    • Ability to search User Roles, instead of just filtering by security roles.
    • New "Search All" field searches all user profile fields.
  • Better integration with Dynamic Forms - Hide the search and enable auto-search from query string variables.
  • Improved Template Options - Use the new Gridview option instead of an HTML template. Using the Gridview option, you can choose which fields you want to appear on your template.
  • Google Maps Integration
    • Now includes integration with Google Maps using a map token within the header and footer.
    • Use the Google Maps Location Integration within the Search function to limit results within a range of miles.
  • All new DNN6 Style Sheet classes

What's New in Version 4.0?
  • Display user images with more ease and options!
    • Use the new [UserImage] token to render either the User Profile Image in DotNetNuke or an image uploaded through Dynamic Registration.
    • Display images as a thumbnail, the full image or a thumbnail with a link to the full image.
    • Pop up the full image from the thumbnail using jQuery Lytebox effect.
    • Control height and width settings of your thumbnails.
    • Select any of our default images or use your own generic default as an alternate if the user does not provide an image.
  • Important New Features for the Search Function
    • By popular demand: Search criteria can now use the 'OR' operator, not just 'AND'
    • Now use security roles as a search criteria (previous versions only allowed filters to include/exclude users in roles).
    • Quickly narrow your results by using up to 2 sort order fields. Examples: Sort by last name, then sort by first name. Or sort by Territory, then sort by Sales Office.
    • Highly requested! Search using various date criteria: 'Greater than', 'equal to', or 'less than' Specified Date.
    • Select the right data type for your search field (Text, Datetime, Integer, or Currency) for more accurate results when using search conditions.
  • Random Display now lets you rotate your displayed users in random order. Break out of the "top 10 results" limitation!
  • Use any of these new tokens in your template for additional details: [CreatedbyUserID], [LastModifiedUserID], [CreatedOnDate], [LastModifiedDate].
  • Display Who's Online
    • Use a token to display if the user is online.
    • [UserOnline] token will render images set for online or offline.
    • Use our default images or choose your own.
  • Generate and download a VCard for the user and keep current on this growing trend!
  • New User Data Feed provides quick access to view and manage the module's scheduler and cache settings.

What's New in Version 3.0?

  • Extremely fast performance! Many R&D hours bear fruit with performance improvement over 400% using cutting edge query methods.
  • Individual Detail Pages can now have its own SEO settings including custom page titles, page descriptions, and page keywords based on specific user data. For example, when navigating to a user's detail page, the page title can read "User Directory - Bob Jones, Denver, Colorado" by setting the template to be 'User Directory - [DisplayName], [City], [State].
  • New AJAX paging eliminates page refresh and works much better with SEO tools.
  • Search fields can now be marked as 'required' with optional validation error messages.
  • Search label suffix can now be set.
  • Search button validation features allow you to define custom JavaScript function calls for endless validation options.
  • Control Panel Quick Menu and Quick Edit icons offer improved Admin interface.
  • New lettered navigation now available to display results using an alphabetical search filter.

Note: This version requires SQL Server 2005.


What's New in Version 2.5?

  • New Administration Control Panel to easily manage the user directory template, the search fields, the module configuration, etc.
  • Export to Excel features can be defined per security roles. This means that you can set up the ability to export the filtered/searched results to an Excel file, and you can limit the export link to users within a specific security role.
  • Hide search conditions dropdownlist - Search conditions such as 'Contains', 'Begins With', 'Not Empty' were currently defined within a dropdownlist, however you might only want to have a single criteria so now you can optionally hide the search criteria.
  • IPORTABLE Support - Dynamic User Directory now supports exporting and importing the directory template, module configuration, search fields, and other settings!
  • Optionally only display 'Authorized Users Only'.
  • Define search field labels - Within previous versions you could setup the search field labels based on localized variables (which you still can for localization). Now these search labels can easily be defined directly within the administration control panel.


What's New in Version 2.4?

  • Significant performance improvements related to retrieving the results. Previously the data was generated primarily via code and the new method involves very efficient SQL queries, stored procedures, and views. Simply put - it's much faster.
  • User Page Size control - Ability to allow the user to change the page size, define initial page size, choose which page size options are available to the user and if the page size control is aligned to the left or the right of the page.
  • New Maximum Number of results to retrieve - This performance option will render the first 'x' number of results to the module. It can be useful if you have a large membership database and want to force the user to search to render fewer records.
  • New option to display the page numbers on the top, bottom, or both the top and the bottom of the results.
  • New search localization features to allow the ability to localize search conditions (such as 'begins with', 'ends with', etc).
  • New search localization features to allow the ability to localize search labels and fields.
  • Optionally display a results count to the user, showcasing the number of total results displayed along with the listings within that page and current page number, etc.



What's New in Version 2.2?

  • Detailed Profile View - Now you can include a link within the item template to take you to a more detailed view of the user information. The detailed view can also be defined within a Rich Text Editor for full layout features.
  • Include an image for search button - Instead of a link plus select the text or image you would like (along with other options to optionally not display results until after initial search, alignment of the search options, etc).
  • Works with all DotNetNuke Core and Extended Profile Fields.
  • Optionally exclude certain roles from the user directory or only include certain roles for the user directory.
  • Search fields can now also be a dropdownlist or combo box of items that can either be manually entered within the administration page or can use a SQL query to return the list of items for the search field.
  • New ability to export results to Excel if you are an Admin of the portal.



What's New in Version 2.0?

  • New Dynamic Search - The Admin can set the dynamic fields, available search qualifiers (i.e. Begins with, Contains, Ends with, etc...), and default search criteria/input.
  • Extended paging, sorting, and speed enhancements.
  • New support to allow for pictures to be included from the new Picture/Image field with Dynamic Registration 2.2.

Module Information


  • Display as few or as many fields within the directory. The Admin can create and easily modify the template for the directory including where dynamic responses should be placed.

 Item Template Example:

Name: [Last Name], [First Name]

Phone: [Home Phone]

Type: [RegType]

  • Set header/footer templates as well as an item template with the Rich Text Editor.
  • Easily create separate user directories based on separate Dynamic Registration Modules. With Dynamic Registration you can create separate registration forms within your portal for different types of users (i.e. one for job seekers and one for employers). With Dynamic User Directory you can then create separate user directories as well!
  • Need reports rather than a directory? Dynamic User Directory can also be used for created custom reports of your users and their responses to registration questions for various purposes.
  • Set the sort order field (i.e. Last Name) for the directory in ascending or descending order.
  • Preview your directory/report based easily from the administration module
  • Set the number of records to display per page

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