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Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms

What sets Dynamic Forms apart from our competition?

Power and simplicity - All in a single module! Dynamic Forms has all the advanced features you need plus form building is still simple! You can have your first form setup within a matter of minutes using the form setup wizard. When you are ready to use more advanced features, the features are there at your fingertips!

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Dynamic Forms allows you to easily create custom forms for your site. Creating new forms is easy and you can add as many forms as you'd like. Check out all of the many features below.

  • Ready for mobile devices with RESPONSIVE SKINS!
  • Database caching for referenced objects
  • Free Style Forms to add fields inside of HTML fields
  • New Telerik File Upload allows up to 8 file uploads at a time plus editing capabilities
  • Admin options include the default database provider being an external SQL server or an Oracle data source
  • Power-packed completion events provide previous event cross-over
  • Additional payment gateways include Authorize.NET ARB, Verifi, IPPay, and Ideal
  • One of the heroes in Collection 7.0

And more! See the Full Specs tab for more info.


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Sorry, no products that match your criteria were found.

Dynamic Forms allows you to easily create custom forms for your web site. Creating new forms is easy and you can add as many forms as you would like to your site. Check out all of the many features below.


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What's new in v 7.0?

  • Full support for DNN 8 and 9 including Evoq 
  • Enhancements TLS 1.2 Payment Gateway (with other payment gateway updates as well) 
  • New enhancements for validation via web services
  • Ability to bind initial form via web services 



What's new in v 6.0?

  • Support against 7.x for DNN!
  • Completely new UI with improved interface and drag/drop
  • New PDF enhancements to choose directory for each completion event


What's New in Version 5.0?


  • Ready for mobile devices with RESPONSIVE SKINS!



What's New in Version 4.1?



  • Major Performance Improvements - Database caching for referenced objects result in significant performance boost.
  • Freedom to Style as you wish!

    - With our Free Style Forms, you now have the option to add fields inside an HTML field, allowing you to expand layout options beyond the standard grid format. Simply prefix the short names with "DFCustom_" and use them within email and SQL events.

  • File Upload options to fit your specific needs!

    - New Telerik File Upload Feature allows you to upload up to 8 files at a time and modify submitted data while editing form results. Supports AJAX/Question Events and Post Backs.

    - Choose the DNN File Upload Feature to store uploaded files using the fileID in the DNN Files table.

    - Standard File Upload still offers flexibility to store actual file names in Dynamic Forms tables (not fileID).

    • Great new admin options!

      - New Database Provider feature opens doors for better workflow. Default database provider can now be an external SQL Server or Oracle data source, allowing standard database to be overridden in specific areas such as SQL Options, and SQL default values.  All SQL Binding and SQL Events can now support the Oracle Data Provider, as well!

      - New Warnings / Tips:  Administrators get helpful messages to improve implementation and avoid errors such as when two fields have the same short field name.  Administrators can choose to review more details or dismiss the message.

      - Export to Excel feature now allows for XLS or CSV files.

  • Power-packed Completion Events now allow responses from one event to be used in the next event.  Imagine the possibilities!
  • New Payment Gateways - Authorize.NET ARB (Recurring Billing), Verifi, IPPay, and Ideal


What's New in Version 4.0?


  • Show/Hide entire sets of questions with Panels/Sections/Tabs - Faster, neater, better.

    - Choose between Section controls in DNN 5.+ or Panels and Tabs in DNN 6.+

    - Easily assign questions to panels by setting the starting and ending questions.

    - Show/hide panels based on security roles resulting in significant performance improvement. Now you can group fields into a panel and have only one database lookup instead of checking the database for each individual question.

    Watch a fun video tutorial on Sections, Panels & Tabs.


  • New Save For Later feature offers distinct functions separate from the regular full submission.

    - New Save for Later Link/Image/Button now available.

    - Fire off completion events specific to Save for Later.

    - Send out emails with a link to come back and manage their submission.

    - Set up a unique Display After Save message

    - Choose to bypass all field validation if Save for Later is clicked.

    - Filter report views and exports by all results, only full submissions, or only Save for Later entries.

  • Enhanced Field Creation functions save you time and effort!

    - Import from other module instances within the portal.

    - Host Users can also import from module instances across multiple portals.

    - The new Community Repository is a growing collection of unique fields and configurations that allow you to search, filter and import fields.

  • New Layout Enhancements

    - DIV tags allow for better layout controls to easily show and hide fields using jQuery and manage Panels and Sections.

    - Styles updated for DNN 6 including command buttons and general styling abilities.

    - Improved control panel provides easier navigation and setup.

  • Other General Enhancements

    - IPORTABLE now supports JavaScript and Stylesheet files, not just data-driven methods.

    - Updated Excel export methods within View Form Results.

    - Values returned from a SQL event or an HTTP Post can now be used on another completion event.

    - All Completion Events can now be logged in Debug Info Error Log for better tracking.

    - Now supports IPPay payment gateway.

    - The option to "not save result in database" can now be applied to specific fields or the entire form.


What's New in Version 3.4?


  • New Question Event Features
  • Great Layout Options Added
  • More Flexibility in Exporting Form Results


    - Choose alternate folder for exported files. 

    - Choose alternate file map path for your exports, if necessary.

    - Select your delimiter of choice.

    - Use short field names as column headings (instead of question label, which can be long).

  • Several New Admin Controls Now Available
  • Payment Gateways


What's New in Version 3.3?


  • Now  fully supports DotNetNuke 5.2.x ! 
  • Quick Edits - You can now change field settings and properties right on the user-facing page. No need to switch to Manage Question mode for most settings!  It can also be disabled if preferred.
  • New option to hide the module based on a querystring variable to support more complex work flow scenarios when integrating with other modules.
  • SQL Binding now supports external connection string.
  • New Question Event to automatically submit the form upon firing - Takes the place of the submit button when conditions are met!
  • Text/HTML form fields can now be rendered on email and PDF events with a token.
  • View Form Results now have expanded functionality!

    - Allow a non-admin role to view form results, manage results template, export to Excel and/or purge form results, just like an Admin.

    - Display results above or below the form - View form entries as they come in! 

  • New DNN Text Suggest field type allows you to build your own suggestion list to aid users as they fill out your form.
  • Now apply SQL validation to individual questions, not just the entire form!


 What's New in Version 3.1? 

  • Extended jQuery / AJAX Integration. The latest features allow you to enable and disable specific areas of AJAX such as only for question eventst only, form submission, etc. You can now define the 'Processing...' message and image displayed.
  • Create Form from Table – New features within the quick field wizard to allow you to generate form fields based on an existing table. The module will allow you to select which columns from the table or query to create as form fields and will setup all of the initial defaults (including field type based on column type).
  • Question Event / Completion Event / General Enhancements – New features such as the ability to disable question events and setup emails to go out either as HTML or plain TEXT. Also extended date field types (view demo).
  • Extended Submit Features – New features to optionally display the submit button (link/image/input button) directly to the right of the last field instead of below the form fields.


What's New in Version 3.0?


  • New Gridview Field Type - The gridview field type is GREAT for surveys and is very simple to setup. You can also have full control over the look and feel as it uses multiple stylesheet classes with some samples to get you started. The gridview field type can optionally use radio buttons, allowing the user to only select a single option or check boxes which will allow the user to select multiple options. You can demo the gridview field here.
  • New AJAX Rating field type – Another field type to encourage customer interaction. This field type can allow you to select a maximum rating, the default rating, and other options such as horizontal/vertical display and if the ratings should be left to right or right to left. You can also select multiple stylesheet options for the rating field including multiple colors for the selected rating or when you hover over the other ratings. You can demo the rating field here.
  • New Completion Event Type to create PDFs - You will have full control over the PDF content template (similar to how you can plug and play with $(tokens) for email events and you can include images and other HTML). There are also extended features to set up a PDF header/footer/summary and display page numbers. PDFs can be created and saved as files and also later referenced in email events or attached to an email.   You can demo the PDF completion event here.
  • New DatagridField Type - You now have the ability to place 'multiple fields within one field.' Great for compacting your form layout and for organizing related questions! You can demo the Datagrid field here. 
  • New ability to create child portals - Based on using certain short field names you will be able to generate child portals and allow the user currently submitting the form the ability to be the administrator of that child portal.
  • Multiple new enhancements have now been added in the View Form Results area. This includes:

     - Ability to search/filter results

     - Ability to view the results in the standard format and create a customized template to display the results in a WYSIWYG template. 

     - Ability to include a $(ViewLink) within email and other completion events allowing the user to view the results within the module in either the standard or customized template.

    - A new 'Create Copy From' to allow you to start filling out a new form based on the responses within the forms results.


  • AJAX Enhancements can now optionally be enabled for all page / form interaction such as question events (MAJOR performance enhancement) and when managing fields within the administration area.
  • New 'Quick Stats' feature - A new info icon can appear next to each field to display the fields short field name.
  • New 'Hidden Field Quick Menu' - Previously, you could only manage hidden fields by going into the Admin area and selecting the hidden field. With the new quick menu for hidden fields, you can easily edit the field in edit mode.
  • Edit Results / Save for Later feature - When enabled, enhancements have been added to allow users to come back and edit their results. You can also include an Edit Link within email and other completion events, or as an admin go into the view results section and click the edit icon to manage a particular record. This is a major new feature as previously this type of work flow could not be handled unless you used a flat table as demonstrated in demo 14 and demo 21 under the Dynamic Forms tab. You can demo the view and edit / save for later features here.


  • Now you can email all users within a particular security role - Email events have always allowed you to email based on tokenized values and now you can setup events to email all emails within a role. For example, the completion event could email everyone within the 'Managers' security role, simply by using one token.
  • Enhancements and fixes to the date field type including the ability to use regular expression validation for dates, proper formatting within email and view results for localized dates (i.e. dd/mm/yyyy format), and a new date option for three dropdown lists for month/day/year. See the new date field here.
  • Completion events could always be setup to be fired based conditionally upon a users response and now new features were added for the ability to fire an event when a response is 'NOT EQUAL' to a particular entry.
  • New enhancements for file upload and image field types including:


    - Choose alternate upload directory instead of DynamicForms_Images and DynamicForms_Uploads within the portals home directory.

    - Previously all files were saved with a unique filename. Now there are new features to store the file with a friendly name and the exact name. A friendly name is the exact name with a date and time stamp added to the filename for increased ease of search when needed.

    - You can now choose if the filename should be stored as the full http reference such as reference or just the filename such as file.jpg.  You can demo this feature here.


  • Question wizard now includes the ability to create new questions based on existing questions. You have always been able to clone questions from the drag/drop feature and also from the clone option when setting up a new feature however this enhancement allows for this process to be much quicker if you wanted to clone 10 fields (more or less) all at once.
  • New payment gateways including Pay Flow Pro and Verifi.
  • New JQuery field options include watermark and mask edit. You can also now offer the user ability to ‘select all’ in checkbox group field type. Using a combobox (dropdown) field type, you can now allow users to add their own response if it is not among the options available. Great alternative to the old 'other' option!  You can demo these features here.
  • Full integration between Dynamic Forms and GeoSprawl - Use Dynamic Forms for database entries and use GeoSprawl's ROLocator to allow users to search based on specific criteria. View a demo here.
  • New option to add an asterisk next to a field label - A quicker, cleaner way to denote required fields with just one setting in Module Configuration, Validation Configuration. 


What's New in Version 2.7?

  • Drag Drop Feature - From the main form page (not manage questions/settings) you will now be able to:


    - Drag and drop existing fields throughout the form to change the sort order of the current field

    - Drag and drop existing fields to the recycle bin, which will temporarily delete the field until you either restore the field from a new recycle bin area, or you empty the recycle bin

    - Drag and drop existing fields to the new / clone field icon, this option will copy the current field (including field properties, options, and settings) and create a copy of that field for the form

    - Drag and drop new field icons (there are now new field icons right above the current form) where you can drag each form field either onto the form, or to the new / clone field icon to create the field. If the field is dropped onto the form itself it will be added based on the sort order of where it was dropped

    View Screenshot (create new field from drag / drop ability)

    View Screenshot (move current field from drag / drop ability)

  • New Recycle Bin - Now when deleting form fields, form completion events, and form question events, the fields will be added to the recycle bin. The form fields will not be displayed within the form configuration except the recycle bin


    - From within the recycle bin menu item, you will be able to select form fields, events, and question events that you would like to 'restore'. This feature is useful in case you accidentally deleted an object or would like to restore an object you previously used.

    - From within this page you can also empty the recycle bin. This feature works similar to the DNN® Core recycle bin, only specific to each form instances objects

    View Screenshot (undelete objects in recycle bin or purge recycle bin)

  • Initial Binding Feature / updating SQL events assistance - New features have now been added within module configuration that allow you to 'bind' fields either all of the time or based on a querystring variable.


    - This new feature will allow you to retrieve all form fields values initially upon form load from a SQL statement. From within the SQL statement, you will simply retrieve table columns that represent the form fields short field names

    - The binding feature can optionally be executed based on a querystring variable.

    • New 'Assistance' features have been added to the Dynamic SQL Events section of the form completion events configuration section. These assistance areas provide templates for users wanting to use Dynamic Forms for more workflow and for building more applications using Dynamic Forms. For example, inserting data into a custom table, editing records, deleting records, and maintaining records. With these assistance / wizards you can easily build more complex and dynamic applications using Dynamic Forms  - view screenshot
  • Advanced Field Wizard - The advanced field wizard allows you to maintain specific actions against a number of fields within the module instance.


    - Example: Each form field can now be maintained as a 'group' setting. Within the advanced field wizard you can now select 'Required Field' and select 15 fields on the form at one time. This advanced wizard is much quicker as you would not need to go in and edit each individual field to set the required field property.

    - Other examples would include setting multiple fields at a time to be hidden until completion event, help text, default values, example text, or other properties such as passing the field via a querystring or any other property.

    View screenshot

  • New / Update Image Properties - New image property attributes allow image fields to be relative or fixed thumbnails. New image property attributes allow fields to automatically be displayed via a preview option. The preview option can be displayed automatically (after the user selects the file when choosing browse, or based on a link or image button next to the image / browse field).
  • Updated Debugging / PayPal Debugging- Now easily enable your form within debug mode. Debug mode will easily allow you to determine if key features are enabled and working (such as details for each Dynamic Completion Events, client events, etc).  - View screenshot
    • Updated release information to post debug information for PayPal IPN responses.
    • You can now view each PayPal IPN post received from PayPal under Admin, Event Viewer. You will need to first enable 'Debug Info' from within the Event Viewer module menu before these events appear.


What's New in Version 2.6?



  • General Enhancements
    • Optionally retrieve / push values of form field to a cookie variable.
    • Optionally setup fields to not save data to the database - This is useful for form fields when you do not want to save the data, such as credit card processing.
    • Optionally setup fields to not be displayed within the view results area.
    • New Custom SQL Script Validation - Ever wanted to parse the users information they entered for validation? Maybe confirm that they entered a valid code or check a custom database table to see if they should continue? Well now you can! - Review user guide for safety and proper procedures of enabling this feature.
    • Clear Results Feature - This new feature will allow you to optionally enable a 'Reset' or 'Clear Form' link or image button to the form. The form field will be directly next to the submit or save link/image button
    • New 'Quick create template links' for Dynamic Email Events - The quick create ability will auto generate default templates with all form field labels / results.



(This one deserves a drum roll...)

  • PayPal Payment Gateway - Dynamic Forms will now support PayPal including PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) for all completion events within Dynamic Forms. You can now setup your completion events as you would normally (for emails, adding the user to a security role, executing a SQL script, etc), only now you can link each of the completion events to a PayPal status event within the IPN.



This means you can setup completion events for the following IPN status codes (for single instance PayPal purchases or PayPal Subscriptions):








What's New in Version 2.5?



  • Dynamic Payment Gateway - This feature will allow you to process payments using Dynamic Forms, offering the ability to use the module as a ecommerce solution and single-form payment solution without another 3rd party shopping cart or payment processing module. View Demonstration

    - Authorizenet Payment Gateway allows you the ability to process payments through Dynamic Forms.

    - Build interactive form payments by utilizing client side calculation fields to create a "Total Price."

    - Dynamic Events will process only after payment is complete, offering ability to then process completion events such as emails, add users to DNN Roles, process any SQL Events/HTTP Form Posts, etc.

    - Processed payments can be from credit card or ECheck.

    - Calculation total fields can calculate a total or calculate items within a Check Box Groups and ListBox’s for a total price. View Demonstration

    - Gateway can be used in 'Test Mode' or ‘Developer Mode'.



What's New in Version 2.3?  



  • New form layout options

    - Allow labels and fields to be displayed in same column.

    - Ability to 'override' general settings display label/field in same column per field.

    - Ability to 'override' general settings and setup specific stylesheet classes per label/field.

    - Optionally hide field label per field.

    - Checkbox field types now allow for text to be displayed directly next to the checkbox.

  • Performance – Many new performance enhancements including AJAX enhancements.

    - New feature to clone / copy fields when setting up a new field.

    - New form wizard to setup common field types.

    • JavaScript / AJAX enhancements added to reduce postbacks.

      - Sort order of fields is now handled via client side code for faster performance.

      - When setting up a new field the short field name, help text is automatically defaulted after entering the field label.

      - New 'Edit' icon per field on the form itself for easier field maintenance.

      - Sort order is automatically defaulted for each new field setup.

  • Question Event Enhancements- Previous versions have allowed you to hide/display individual fields based on the response to a field. Now you can specify multiple 'affected fields' for each question event. New event types added to disable field based on response to a question (i.e. mark the textbox read only if they check a certain box). 


  • Other enhancements

    - New CAPTCHA field type – Now force users to enter security code before submitting form.

    - New Rich Text Editor field type.

    - Question Events, Content Localization now IPORTABLE.


What's New in Version 2.2?


  • Extended layout features, including the ability to add multiple questions per row.
  • Content Localization - Setup your same form to be unique based upon the users language or language selected on the site.
  • New validation features including compare validators.
  • New field types for image and file uploads.


What's New in Version 2.1?


  • General Enhancements

    - Optionally implement question header / footer for each field.

    - Additional validation features - Now you have the options to validate checkbox field types, dropdown lists, and regular expression validators for textboxes.

    - Optionally choose to implement client side validation (before user hits submit button) or server side validation (after user hits submit button).

    - New Export to Excel feature to export form results.

    - Choose to have submit button be a link button or an image button.


  • Major Feature Enhancements


    - Question Events feature - Question Events provide many interactive events based on a fields response. Similar to the form completion events however question events can be fired off whenever the user answers a form field instead of after form submission. Setup as many Question Events as you would like throughout your form to make it as dynamic as needed


What's New in Version 2.0?



  • New field types, new layouts, new settings
  • Easier ability to order/manage options for radio button fields, dropdownlist, and checkboxlist
  • New DNN Core Integration - If the user is signed in automatically pre-fill their user information on a form field.



  • Form Fields


  • Setup as many Dynamic Form Fields per forms module.


  • Hide/show form field help text within the fields labels.
  • Optionally include a suffix with each field label.
  • Set default values for all form fields.
  • Optionally add example text that will appear to the right of the field (i.e. (xxx)xxx-xxxx).
  • Select to hide/show form fields based on users roles and authentication.
  • Setup redirection pages after form submission.
  • Several additional and optional features to maximize your layout forms module including a header and footer for the form.


  • Form Field Events


  • Fire all events based upon users response or after every submission.
  • Send emails out to administrator or to the submitter of the form. Include parameters in email based on the form field, form field responses. Example: Dear $(FirstName), Thanks for requesting information on $(DynamicProductField).
  • Redirect user to different page based on their response. Ex: Upon form completion if the user answers 'Yes' to a question they can be redirected to a different page then a submitter who answered 'No' to a question.
  • Execute SQL statements after submission.


  • Other Features


  • Ability to setup master/slave forms by allowing form fields be pre-filled based on querystring or session variables and also pass querystring/session variables after submission.
  • Blacklist Responses - Ability to create a set of blackList responses that should not be allowed during form submission. If the user submits a response that is on the blacklist they will be notified and required to change their submission information.
  • IPORTABLE Support - Import/Export module settings, questions/fields, and other form settings between modules.
  • Easily view form results directly within the module at any time.





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