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Dynamic Forms -- How to implement Tabs

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Tutorial: Implementing Dynamic Forms w/ Tabs

** PLEASE NOTE: In order to use the TABS feature, you must be using
DNN6+ and Data Springs Module Dynamic Forms 4.0.

Often when you want to collect information from people, you run into instance where you would prefer some of the information to be displayed later, instead of all of it at once.

There are several reasons for this, such as.
  1.  You don't want to 'overload' the website visitor visually, by giving the impression that filling out the  form will take too long.
  2.  You want to capture basic information now, but want to give the person filling out the form the option to submit additional details later. (as the example below).
  3.  You may want 'blocks of questions' to suddenly load based on the answer of another question.

In the past, some of the hiding and revealing of data through the stages mentioned above needed to be done through using separate pages. With the introduction of 'TABS' in version 4 of Dynamic Forms, this speeds up the process and reduces the complexity of building such a form.

To break your sections into tabs, simply follow the instructions outlined on the 'PANEL' instructions, but with one exception.

For STEP 2, your setting should look like the following instead of the Panels image.


tip6.gifWould you like to set up your form just like this demo? 

     Simply download this template and save it using the exact file name (don't rename).  Next, upload it to File Manager and then go back to Dynamic Forms and click on Import Content.   

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