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Is Dynamic Forms 6 compatible with Evoq 9?

Is Dynamic Forms 6 compatible with Evoq 9?
asked 4/7/2017
James Bodine13
James Bodine

11 Answers

I can't get Dynamic Forms 6 with DNN 9.1 to display well in any of the default templates so I am left building custom CSS.  It's a bit challenging since I am working with a system that is not my own.

Datasprings, Do you have plans to release styles for DNN 9.x?  Also it's been a while since you released a new version of DF.  Is that in the works?  

answered 6/9/2017 Tim Hardin 13
Tim Hardin
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answered 6 hours ago jhon 6
I agree with what Tim Hardin said.

Dynamic Forms 6 is not compatible with Evoq 9

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answered 1 week ago Jacob 5

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answered 1 month ago Schimdt 2

I think it should be compatible with Evoq 9. I havent heard any issues with it before.

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answered 1 month ago Coleman 3
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answered 1 month ago jhon 6

Sometimes the form loads slow or is it just my internet speed?  We made a ss5 form.

answered 1 month ago Henry 2
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