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Files uploaded twice


Using Dynamic Forms 7 on DNN 8.

The 'File Attachment' field is uploading the file twice into the 'Alternate Upload Folder'.

If I say use a generated name they each are unique, If I use the timestamp name they are named with about a minute difference.

Any body have a clue?

Thanks, CD


asked 2 months ago
Cube Dweller46
Cube Dweller
  • Letting it upload into the default directory, and still getting 2 files. - Cube Dweller 2 months ago

  • HI Cube,
    I just tried this with:
    DNN Version 8.0.4
    Dynamic Forms Version:

    with the file upload type as: HTML File Input

    and it's uploading one one image file to my alternate Test folder under admin / file manager.

    David To - David To 2 months ago

1 Answer

Thanks for looking David.
Don't think this counts as a true "Answer"; But...

I deleted and setup my "File Attachment" fields again and all is behaving normal now. 

This instance was "Imported" from my Dev server; but not sure if that's when I started seeing the double files. (Been staring at it too long)

answered 2 months ago Cube Dweller 46
Cube Dweller
edited 2 months ago
Cube Dweller46
Cube Dweller

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