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Secret identities are SO overrated.

Instead of shrouding all of our best demos, tutorials and downloads in secrecy like the other guys, we’ve decided to show you exactly what makes our modules tick.

Our forms have been unmasked.

To show you exactly what our modules can do for you, we’ve decided to give you complete access to our suite of 30+ form demos, tutorials and downloadable files.

Have a question about how a form will look on your website? There’s a demo for that.

Wonder how to integrate your form with PayPal or We’ve got a demo for that too.

Want to know how to incorporate Google’s auto-fill toolbar on your site? You guessed it -- we’ve got a demo.

No more secret identities. No more guessing.

It’s time to lift the mask. We’re showing you all the dirty details in our suite of 36 demos, tutorials and downloads below.

Features and Workflow on Display

Click on any of the links below to take a look one of our simple demonstrations.  The demos below highlight just a few of the Dynamic Forms features that we thought you'd like to know about.


Demonstration #1  Demonstrates the use of Regular Expressions for email and phone number, and displaying hidden questions based on specific responses.  Also shows dropdown fields pulling from different lists.


Demonstration #2  Demonstrates how to disable fields based on specific user responses.  Also shows the compare validation for the email field and and content localization.

Demonstration #3  Different sets of questions are displayed based on a selection for a user type.


Demonstration #4  See an example of a simple calculation to get a total.


Demonstration #5 This demo highlights features including IPortable, Google's 'Auto Fill' toolbar, and updated Question Events.


Demonstration #6 See an example of Dynamic Forms integrated with Authorizenet.


Demonstration #7  In this demo, we showcase a variety of common implementations needed for forms. 1)  hide/display text using a checkbox;  2) copy the  Billing Address to Shipping address with a checkbox; 3) apply a character limit to a user's response; and 4) hide the submit button until a condition is satisfied.


Demonstration #8  In this demo, you'll find a variety of stylesheet properties and layout options, as well as the Advanced Captcha Field.  We also enabled the feature to display a message after form submission without redirecting to another page.


Demonstration #9   This is a showcase of events that  happen before and after the form is submitted.   While still on the form, you can hide, display, disable and even set defaults for another field based on a response to a previous question.   After submitting the form, additional events can fire based on specific user responses.  In this demo, you can either receive an email, get redirected to a page of your choice, or be added to a role. 


Demonstration #10  This is a demo of a Multi-Page Form / Wizard where your user is taken through a step-by-step process and the input from the first page is passed on to page 2 where the only visible field is email address.  When the user hits submit, all data entered on both pages will be sent to the user via email.


Demonstration #11 Create data-driven, dependent dropdowns using Dynamic Forms.


Demonstration #12   This demonstrates how to validate a user's input using SQL Validation. This functionality allows you to execute a SQL statement to determine if the user's input is valid, and provide immediate feedback if it is not. 


Demonstration #13  This demonstration highlights the built-in Dynamic Forms feature to View Form Results which displays the details of each submitted form. Included are a few optional features such as displaying a thank you message after submission, and a 'clear form' button with the option to display a confirmation message before executing the clear function.  


Demonstration #14* (Demonstrates advanced work flow functionality within Dynamic Forms that you can utilize to create custom applications, custom work flow scenarios, integration with existing tables/applications and data, and the steps on how to utilize the module to build these forms)


Demonstration #15*  This demo is a showcase for a standard PayPal integration with totals calculated and passed to PayPal along with other transaction details.  It also presents a variety of completion events that are designed to fire upon receipt of specific PayPal notices.


Demonstration #16*  This is a demonstration of Dynamic Forms integrated with PayPal  to set up two different subscription types.  It illustrates Dynamic Forms' advanced functionality to handle subscriptions with varying amounts, billing cycles and recurring payments.  In addition, a variety of completion events such as adding roles and sending emails are linked to PayPal notices.


Demonstration #17*  Using the EnablePGateway feature, the main focus of this demonstration is the ability to switch the payment gateway on and off to acommodate free and paid subscriptions. It also showcases the ability to handle a free trial period for the paid PayPal subscription.   It also features a more customer-friendly CANCEL link capability. In addition, the Advanced Field Wizard is pointed out in the Feature Highlights section. 


Demonstration #18*   (This is a demonstration of the PGateway feature of Dynamic Forms.   This feature allows for multiple modes of payment available for the user to choose from.   In this demonstration, the choices are PayPal, credit card payment via and check in the mail.) 


Demonstration #19*   (The main purpose of this demonstration is to showcase the variety of layout options available with Dynamic Forms.  This expanded form showcases the use of column spans, label width, field width, and many others.) 


Demonstration #20*   (Demonstrates a number of calculation methods to obtain totals using various field types such as radio buttons, dropdown menus and checkbox lists.)


Demonstration #21*   (Similar to demonstration 14, but highlights other 3rd party integration modules for reporting and searching including IndooGrid and Open Web Studio (OWS).)


Demonstration #22**   (Demonstrates using the new Gridview field type, Rating field type, and new PDF Completion Event as some general tutorials on new features for the 3.0 release)


Demonstration #23**   his demo highlights the feature to Save for Later that allows the user to partially complete a form and then come back to it later for final submission.   You'll also see the ability for users to view their answers in a custom template after they hit submit.  We also provide an example of the dropdown style for a date field. 

Demonstration #24**   (Demonstrates the new data grid field type and other features such as the ability to choose alternate locations and directories for file upload fields)


Demonstration #25*   (Demonstrates integration examples of how to integrate Dynamic Forms with other modules such as GeoSprawl Store Locator / Map Module allowing user to save the form data and later display their information on a map)

Demonstration #26**   (Demonstrates new jQuery features within Dynamic Forms 3.0 such as watermark, masked textbox editor, select all for check box lists, ability to add new items to a combo box dynamically, and other great new jQuery enhancements.)

Demonstration #27*   (Demonstrates extended work flow functionality and integration with a Tabs module. Within this demonstration we highlight how integration works between Dynamic Forms and DNN Aggregator for creating robust forms with easy tabbed navigation.)

Demonstration #28**   (Demonstrates a variety of methods to implement date fields within Dynamic Forms including date field types, masked edit options for dates with textbox fields, and extended date options including jQuery plugins and examples.)

Demonstration #29**   (Demonstrates DNN Text Suggest field type within Dynamic Forms)

Demonstration #30   (Demonstrates integration with Dynamic Views, a reporting module that can report and showcase data that has been entered from Dynamic Forms. Dynamic Views can also be used to show data only the user has entered.)


Demonstration #31    (Demonstrates the use of multi-paged forms with forward navigation that allows the information to be updated with each form submission. How to create a results form that reads in all of the information the user fills in. How to use hidden fields to send the results to the user that filled out the multiple forms.)

Demonstration #32  **  (Demonstrates the use of new question events within the 3.4 release including a tutorial on how to request a coupon code for the user and then apply that coupon code as a discount towards a customers purchase. Additional examples include how to change/manipulate the link button text and to showcase a question event that will automatically submit the form based on a field instead of forcing the user to click submit.)

Demonstration #33  **   (Demonstrates how you can use "HTTP Post" to handle the post to some other form, and use the ability to receive a post in Dynamic Forms. Additional examples including real-time screen shots of completion events where you can include the URL where a silent post is to be received. The demo follows with a complete step-by-step instruction guide to how to setup and receive posts via Dynamic Forums and Dynamic Registration.)

Demonstration #34 *** (This tutorial will highlight new features within Dynamic Forms 4.0 that showcase how to utilize Panels for grouping fields together. Along with the panels features this tutorial showcases how to implement panels with question events for very efficient performance.)

Demonstration #35 *** (This tutorial will highlight new features within Dynamic Forms 4.0 that showcase how to utilize Tabs for grouping fields together. This demonstration is similar to the Panels tutorial above but shows how a similar implementation can be changed easily to utilize Tabs.)

Demonstration #36    (Highlights the best methods that can be used within Dynamic Forms to create and utilize CSS within forms for rounded backgrounds, rounded corners, unique submit buttons, etc)

Want to talk to other users about how they use Dynamic Forms' features?  Simply click here to be redirected to the Dynamic Forms' Forum page.



* denotes that Dynamic Forms version 2.7 or higher is required.

** denotes that Dynamic Forms version 3.0 or higher is required.

** denotes that Dynamic Forms version 3.4 or higher is required.

*** denotes that Dynamic Forms version 4.0 or higher is required.

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