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Dynamic Views Alternate Row Colors

Hello Everyone,

I have come up with a simple method in which you can apply Alternate Row colors to your Dynamic Views. Here’s an image of my Dynamic View:



This can only be accomplished when using Custom SQL as the Data Source of your Dynamic View. Here’s the SQL that’s being used in this Dynamic View:

select *, (CASE WHEN ABS(TemplateID) % 2 = 1 THEN '#F6F6F6' ELSE '#E8E8E8' END) As TheRowColor from Module_Templates

** The Highlighted section is the column that’s responsible for Alternating Colors.

Now that you’re returning this column in your Dynamic View you can use this token in your Dynamic Views Item Template.

You’ll want to assign “[therowcolor]” to the TR of your table.


For instance here’s the HTML that I used for my Dynamic View:

View my Template HTML


Leave a comment if you have any questions or like the blog.


-Ryan Bakerink

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Create a Dynamic Views Action Confirmation

Have you created an Action in Dynamic Views to delete a record if clicked? Many people would like to have a confirmation of delete instead of just deleting the record off of first click.

Here are the steps in which you can create a Confirm Message before executing an Action.


Step 1.)

Create a Dynamic Views Action in your Dynamic View. After configuring, save the Action.


Step 2.)

Place the Action [token] into your Dynamic Views Item Template so you can view your Action. Inspect the Action / Hyperlink and you’ll see that a URL redirection is in place if clicked. Copy this link URL, this is very important to hold onto.

The link will look similar, but not exact, to the link below:[userid]/Default.aspx'

Which ever column you’ve specified as the Primary Key for your Dynamic View you will replace with the“[userid]” in the URL link above.


Step 3.)

Create your own HTML button, hyperlink or image button for the Action so that you have full control.


Step 3a.)

Here’s an example hyperlink example to customize your Action.

Step 4.)

Save your Templates in Dynamic Views and test this method.


Please let me know if you have any questions.



Tuesday, September 4, 2012/Author: Chad Nash/Number of views (158853)/Comments (-)/ Article rating: No rating
Categories: In The Flow

Ideal Payment Gateway w/ Dynamic Forms

Recently, Datasprings added, upon the request of one of our clients, the possibility to use iDeal as payment provider in its module Dynamic Forms. Dynamic Forms already contained support for Authorize.Net, Paypal and a number of other payment providers.
iDeal is the de facto standard for online payments in the Netherlands (about 10 million consumers use iDeal), every webshop uses it and it is accepted as a secure solution by Dutch consumers. iDeal is supported by all major banks in the Netherlands and many smaller banks.  iDeal is not free, you will usually pay a subscription fee and transaction costs per transaction, this depends on your bank.
With this addition the module can now be used to directly accept payments using iDeal. This gives the site owner full control over his payment process, furthermore, it is also a cost effective solution.

Full details can be found here:





Tuesday, September 4, 2012/Author: Chad Nash/Number of views (153267)/Comments (-)/ Article rating: No rating
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How can Data Springs assist you?

Do you have a tight project deadline you’re undergoing with DotNetNuke?

Did you purchase our products but don’t know where to begin?

Are you implementing your projects using the best development practices?


Data Springs can assist in multiple ways:

  • Assistance with Project Planning – Plan your solution beforehand to ensure the best implementation practices. By doing so you can avoid: data corruption, SQL Injection, malformed DB table structures, etc..
  • Assistance by Training – If you’re new to our products, chances are that you haven’t fully explored the software’s capabilities. We can provide  a one on one or classroom styled training(s).
  • Assistance by Development – We have professionals with the experience to fully implement your solutions.


Data Springs is now offering a service called “Premium Integration Services”, which is offered in three separate packages:

  • Hourly – package is ideal for:
    • Short term Project Planning
    • Short term training
    • Short term development
  • Monthly  - package is ideal for:
    • Long term Project Planning
    • Long term training
    • Long term development
  • Quarterly – package is Ideal for:
    • Website maintenance
    • Module Enhancement maintenance
    • Product Trainings


If you have any questions regarding these services or would like to receive our assistance with your project,  please contact us via email at:

Friday, July 6, 2012/Author: Chad Nash/Number of views (145196)/Comments (-)/ Article rating: No rating
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Cancelling Subscriptions Using ARB and Dynamic Registration

One really nice feature of Dynamic Registration is it’s ability to utilize the ARB payment gateway. But it doesn’t only stop there! Most module will only allow you to create the subscription and the rest is up to you to handle directly through DataSprings has given you the power to cancel (and soon Upgrade/downgrade) the clients subscription all from within Dynamic Registration! Below we will outline the steps you will need to take in order to accomplish this on your own website and we will cover some of the pitfalls along the way.


First things first, you will need to setup an instance of Dynamic Registration as illustrated in this blog posting

After your module is setup, you can proceed with setting up a second instance of Dynamic Registration or you may add options to your existing registration form. In this blog we will be showing how to do it with two instances working together. Make sure all of your registration fields are being mapped to a core profile property. This will ensure when we need them, we’ll have them. Next step we need to take before we get started on our second form is create a profile field to record the users Subscription ID. So go into the User/Profile section of your portal and add a text field as shown below:

User Accounts


Now we need to go back to our first form (where users initially register and subscribe) and add a completion event. This event will be used to record the users subscription ID returned by the ARB API to a profile field. Do so as shown below:


Create   Manage Your Account


What this does is grab the subscription ID returned by and stores it to our profile field. you will need to change the PropertyDefinitionID to the id of the property you created in your own portal.

Once you have the ID changed out go ahead and save this and try a registration. If successful you should now see a subscription id number in your profile field. If you do congratulations! If you don’t…go back and trace your steps, you probably just missed something.

Now…FINALLY, we’re on to creating our second form. In this form we will copy many of the same fields as the first. The fields you will need to create are listed below:

  • Hidden Fields:
    1. AuthARB_BillToFirstName
      • DNN Core Field: FirstName
    2. AuthARB_BillToLastName
      • DNN Core Field: LastName
    3. PGateway
      • Default Value: AuthARB
      • DNN Core Field: PGateway
    4. AuthARB_UserLoginName
      • Default Value: [YOUR SPECIAL CODE]
    5. AuthARB_TransactionKey
      • Default Value: [YOUR SPECIAL CODE]
Tuesday, July 3, 2012/Author: Chad Nash/Number of views (152331)/Comments (-)/ Article rating: No rating
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