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Authorize.net Automated Recurring Billing - Populating AuthARB_SubscriptionID

I setup ARB as described here: http://www.datasprings.com/news/blog/postid/50/dynamic-registration-authorizenet-arb-billing

The payment is getting processed ok, and on the Authorize.net side I can see that the ARB was setup complete with a Subscription ID, but that value never seems to make it back to my server.

When I'm in debug mode the log viewer shows the following messages:
  1. ARB Note:: Preparing to process ARB subscription: Create
  2. Check Payment Enabled:False: N/A
  3. ARB Note:: Create subscription
  4. ARB Note:: This call to ARBCreateSubscription should be successful.

In my module I have a field called AuthARB_SubscriptionID that is mapped to a "DNN Core Field" named SubscriptionId which is a text field. The Subscription ID doesn't get saved there, and doesn't show up in the email confirmation (completion event).

The module version I'm using is 4.20.30.

asked 10/8/2013
edited 10/12/2013
Chad Nash55
Chad Nash

1 Answer

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answered 4 months ago Williamson 2

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