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Login fails for user after password change

We have a portal with several hundred users and suddenly ONE of them can't login no matter what I set the password to. We running DNN 5.4.4. The user receives an email confirmation with the password showing correctly but they can't login. The event viewer shows the failed login but no other error messages.

Why just a single user and how can I fix this?

By looking into the DNN tables, I found that the user in question is registered on the website twice under two different USERNAME values (same firstname, lastname, and email). One username is unauthorized and marked as deleted. The other is not.  Could this somehow explain why the user can't login?

I've also verified that changing the password changes the encrypted password value for the user having trouble.

G. Eggold
asked 9/20/2010
Greg E.40
Greg E.

16 Answers

Hi Sam,

Sorry, this post was really originally marked as solved since it turned out to be a DNN issue for Greg from 2010. There are a couple of other problems here though:

1. I don't know of anywhere within Dynamic Registration where that module can set the flat directly, this is probably being set within your DNN version.

2. Even if Dynamic Registration is setting/checking that flag, its likely an issue that you are running a version of Dynamic Registration that is several years old. The version you are running on was never meant to run against DNN 5.4.x or higher and especially not DNN 6.x

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Thanks Sam, we do actually value your feedback and sorry there wasn't a follow up on this... In the future we do offer support tickets for your more immediate concerns as our support policy does not have any direct response times for the Community Forums.
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answered 1/10/2012 DNN Module Support 41
DNN Module Support
I provided all the details of my situation, over 6 months has passed and not a single reply. 
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WOW! What a super responsive and helpful forum.
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answered 1/10/2012 Sam Davis 40
Sam Davis
edited 1/10/2012
Sam Davis40
Sam Davis
We've started having the exact same problem except with more users. We've also run a query and can see that there are a TON of users' records where the field aspnet_membership.isapproved is set to ZERO even though dnn_userportals.authorized is set to 1. We're using Dynamic Registration 3.10.21and we're on DNN 5.06.00(459). We have the duplicate email restriction enabled. This just started happening this last week and it's already occurred with 3 or 4 users. We have not upgraded the site recently. I don't know if it's OK to manually update the dnn_userportals.authorized field for all of these users and set it to zero or not. I don't know the table structures that well and the business rules behind them. Can someone please help me? I need to get this problem resolved quickly.
answered 4/22/2011 Sam Davis 40
Sam Davis
Hi. I am not directly aware of any issues... Our modules use the exact same DNN Function calls (we use the DotNetNuke API's for things related to creating and updating users etc...). If you can directly duplicate a situation though where changing or unauthorized a user in Dynamic Registration / Dynamic Login doesn't work or creates this situation unlike doing it in DotNetNuke directly then I would be happy to research it more.


answered 10/1/2010 DNN Module Support 41
DNN Module Support
I've been posting about this issue at dotnetnuke.com (forum link: http://www.dotnetnuke.com/Community/Forums/tabid/795/forumid/108/threadid/384888/scope/posts/Default.aspx)

The question that I'm posing back to Data Springs is: could there be a flaw in your Dynamic Registration module that would allow this odd situation to occur?

I ran a query on the DNN DB and found one other instance in which aspnet_membership.IsApproved is out of sync with aspnet_membership.IsApproved

The query I ran is:

select m.isapproved,up.authorised, m.userid, du.*
    from dnn_users du
    JOIN dnn_userportals up ON (du.userid = up.userid)
    JOIN aspnet_users u ON (du.username = u.username)
    JOIN aspnet_membership m ON (u.userid = m.userid)
where (m.isapproved = 0 and up.authorised = 1) OR (m.isapproved = 1 and up.authorised = 0)

answered 10/1/2010 Greg E. 40
Greg E.
Wow!  That is puzzling but great news!  Thanks for posting what you found, Greg!

answered 9/29/2010 DNN Module Support 41
DNN Module Support
UPDATE: I found the issue.  I found out that the field aspnet_membership.isapproved was set to ZERO even though dnn_userportals.authorized was set to 1. Wow! I have no clue how that could happen but it did. Once I changed 0 to 1 the login worked.

I didn't try this but I wonder if using DNN to unauthorize and then re-authorize the user would have fixed this. I doubt it, but it might have.
answered 9/29/2010 Greg E. 40
Greg E.
edited 9/29/2010
Greg E.40
Greg E.
1) No, the site has not been recently upgraded.

2) Good question. I created a new page (named "alt_login.aspx") and inserted the Login Account module on it. When I try logging in using that page, it fails.

3) No. And remember that so far, this problem is only affecting ONE user and I can't figure out what is different about that user, not even by digging into the DNN tables.
answered 9/29/2010 Greg E. 40
Greg E.
Hi Greg,

A couple of things...
1. Was this site recently upgraded recently? Could be an issue with the machinekey if it wasn't moved over

2. Does the login work if you change the password and then use DNN account login to log the user in? Or does it only not work in Dynamic Login?

3. Do you have any specific security and password settings in the web.config?


answered 9/28/2010 DNN Module Support 41
DNN Module Support
The two accounts had the SAME email address. I followed the instructions in the thread and removed the "deleted" user from the database.

Next, I reset the password on the remaining account (username = adeotitaiwo) and then attempted to login. It would not let me in. The DNN Event log shows a failed login attempt. This is really weird.

I wondered if perhaps the username had some 'hidden" character in it but when I manually selected the user from SQL Management Studio, I was able to pull up the correct row, so that's not the problem.
answered 9/28/2010 Greg E. 40
Greg E.
Hi Greg,

I thought we might have hit the nail on the head here but reading your first post, you said that the 2 accounts have different email addresses.  Is that correct?

Either way, let's make sure that the DNN Soft Delete is not a factor here as discussed in this thread.

Please follow instructions here to permanently delete users from your db and let me know if you user continues to have problems logging in.  Thanks!


answered 9/27/2010 DNN Module Support 41
DNN Module Support
Yes, I am using Dynamic Login (3.1.1) and I do allow users to logon using their email address.
answered 9/27/2010 Greg E. 40
Greg E.
If the 2 accounts are on 2 different usernames and 2 different UserIDs, then it may not be related to the fact that one was deleted....

BUT then again, are you using Dynamic Login?  Are you allowing the use of email to login?

answered 9/22/2010 DNN Module Support 41
DNN Module Support
The same user appears to have registered twice under two different usernames (and yes, they are different USERID values in the aspnet tables). The first registration in April 2010 was rejected and they were never authorized. Later they were deleted.

The second registration in September was accepted and they were authorized for site access.

We do NOT (and cannot) have the duplicate email restriction enabled.
answered 9/21/2010 Greg E. 40
Greg E.
Hi Greg,

Did you say registered twice under two DIFFERENT Username values?  Do you have your site set to 'same email cannot register twice?' 

Also, do the 2 accounts have 2 different userID's.  You can see this from Admin, User Accunts and then get to a list displaying the 2 accounts.  Hover over the pencil icon and you'll see the UserId at the bottom.  Thanks!

answered 9/20/2010 DNN Module Support 41
DNN Module Support
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answered 5 months ago Allen 2

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