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Login Failed, remember that Passwords are case sensitive - wihtout even login!

Why I keep seeing thi message:

"Login Failed, remember that Passwords are case sensitive"

I'm not even logged in, and if I do login the message still stay there!

For normal user it only appears before login because the "login" module is hidden after login!

I'm running the latest version!

asked 10/22/2010
Miguel Clara40
Miguel Clara

3 Answers

Was it in the same day?

I really tought I had the last realse but now I see it was 3.5.

Anyway its working like a charm... and nice upgrades on the new DUD too

answered 10/23/2010 Miguel Clara 40
Miguel Clara
Hi Miguel,

After the initial release, we realized that the Auto-login feature was causing this.  Please find Dynamic Login 3.5.10 in Patches and Hotfixes or in MyDownloads if you have the Collection 4.0 or the User Management Suite.  Thanks!

answered 10/22/2010 DNN Module Support 41
DNN Module Support
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answered 3 months ago Duke 2

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