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Can Dynamic Login perform login by http post?

I see that Dynamic Login can perform login by URL redirection, and that is nice. But I am trying to facilitate that the user be directed to a particular URL after they login. 

I was thinking I might use Dynamic Forms to capture username and password, http post them to a Dynamic Login module to perform the login and then have the next Completion Event on the form go to a URL that it received in the page's querystring parameter. 

But it seems that unless I'm doing it wrong, Dynamic Login does not receive a silent http post that it can act on to login. Does it?



asked 7/15/2015
Mark Buelsing159
Mark Buelsing
  • HI Mark, No I don't believe Dynamic Login recognizes HTTP post.
    How about using roles? I believe if you assign different users to different roles, then you can use role redirection?

    david to - Chad Nash 7/17/2015

  • David, that is a good suggestion - I wish it would have worked for me. The user is attempting to register for the event. And so have not been assigned the event's role yet.

    This is a suggested upgrade to Dynamic Login:
    -Allow it to receive querystring parameters, possibly use them, but also should be able to pass them to the page it forwards to.
    -Allow DL to receive a destination querystring parameter that determines which page it forwards the user to after successful login. - Mark Buelsing 7/17/2015

  • Hi Mark - Actually it can't do a "POST" but where it redirects should be an easy answer. I think you need to pass a parameter called "RedirectURL" and then I think you need to also set the option within the module configuration that says "Ignore role redirects and always redirect to the previous URL". Whenever you pass the "RedirectURL" this should be treated as the previous URL and it will redirect the user there after login. Does this help?


    - Chad Nash 7/19/2015

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