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Dynamic Form Date Picker Issue

Upgraded my site to DNN 8 and the Dynamic Forms module from v3.x to 7.10.40. 

However forms that had the date field (textbox w/h calendar) won't load.
So I create a new form and added that type of field, and though the form loads there is no "date-picker".

So I tried this a fresh install on a different DNN8 site and the same thing; no date-picker.

Anyone have issues with the date picker?
Is there a newer version than 7.10.40?, 

Thanks, CD

asked 5/22/2019
Cube Dweller46
Cube Dweller
edited 5/22/2019
Cube Dweller46
Cube Dweller
  • HI Cube, DNN 8.0 and higher have deprecated / cancelled the out of the box DNN Datepicker so it no longer works.

    The alternative is to use jquery datepicker. Here are the instructions on doing this in dynamic forms.

    1) Create a textbox
    2) In the browser, right click on the textbox and choose “Inspect Element”
    3) Get the elementID
    4) Go to this site http://jqueryui.com and download the “jquery-ui.js” and “jquery-ui.css” files
    5) Use admin / file manager to place it in a “jQuery” directory

    Then put the following in the module settings header of dynamic forms. Make sure to replace what’s in yellow with the elementID.

    David To

    - David To 5/22/2019

  • Some stuff got cut-off. Can you email to dnnsupport@datasprings.com and we'll reply through outlook so the web browser doesn't cut off the script?

    David To - David To 5/22/2019

4 Answers

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I'm going to try and paste the code sample Dave had here. Forgive me if it strips it out.

answered 5/22/2019 Cube Dweller 46
Cube Dweller
edited 5/22/2019
Cube Dweller46
Cube Dweller

Thanks very much Dave.
I tried your work around in Test and seems to work.

Hope you guys can patch the date-picker in the Forms module to use jQuery.
I'd really like the ability to just drop a working one on the form again.


answered 5/22/2019 Cube Dweller 46
Cube Dweller

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